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Women Dominate Mobile Phone Gaming

Women represent 59% of all U.S. consumers who play games on a mobile phone, according to Electronic Gaming in the Digital Home, a new study from Parks Associates. Furthermore, women comprise 61% of all those playing mobile phone games1-4 hours per month and 58% of all those playing for more than four hours per month.

These findings concur with the overall demographic makeup of Internet gamers, where women are the majority due to their penchant for online trivia and card games. Men, on the other hand, hold the majority among gamers who play intense action and role-playing games, and there is not a comparable group of male users in the mobile gaming space.

These results reaffirm the importance both of women in the gaming market and of the industry?s efforts to promote casual games for the mobile phone, according to John Barrett, director of research at Parks Associates. ?Women are the foundation of the gaming market, and as an industry, we need to cater to their preferences,? he said. ?This effort is key to future revenue growth because right now women generally spend little on gaming even though they like to play games and often have disposable income. The industry just needs to find a game they are will to pay for.?

Electronic Gaming in the Digital Home covers a broad range of topics in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the gaming market. The project includes a survey of 2,000 U.S. gamers with Internet access. For more information on Electronic Gaming in the Digital Home, contact Parks Associates at sales@parksassociates.com or 972-490-1113 or visit www.parksassociates.com.

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