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Smackall Games Set to Release Puzzle Game Crazy Cubes in Partnership with DailyAppDream

Game development Studio, Smackall Games Private Limited is set to make their hit strategy puzzle game Crazy Cubes free in association with DailyAppDream on February 27, 2012.

Chennai, India: Mobile game development company Smackall Games Private Limited. has announced that they will be partnering with DailyAppDream to promote their smash hit game Crazy Cubes. DailyAppDream specializes in giving their audience a free game daily that would otherwise be commercial.

“We are very excited about giving our audience the opportunity to try Crazy Cubes at no cost. Players from across the globe have been enjoying Crazy Cubes and the unique challenge it brings to the table. There are no other puzzle or strategy games like it, we truly believe it is one of the top five best puzzle games in the App Store.” said Smackall Games Private Limited CEO Harishankar Narayan.

Crazy Cubes is a unique game and brings a fresh challenge to the otherwise saturated iOS gaming market. The game is setup so that a player must move a cube along a grid through a set path of green cubes. Each time the player moves, the previous green cube disappears. The player must navigate each level by making all of the green cubes along the grid disappear by going over them and also successfully cycling to the pre-established finish line. There are a total of 96 levels in total for now in addition to several different types of cubes, but according to Mr. Narayan “We are actively building even more levels to this game. The updates will keep on coming as our audience truly enjoys this type of challenge.”

When discussing the strategic puzzle genre for the iOS market, Mr. Narayan states “Our goal was to build an original challenge for our audience that would be extremely simple to pick up and learn, but also provide a significant challenge. With the success of the game so far and all the feedback we have received, we are proud to have achieved this objective. This game truly is simple yet extremely complex at the same time.”

In partnering with DailyAppDream, Crazy Cubes will experience a significant distribution and players will have the opportunity to get the full version of this game at no cost. “We are looking forward to giving players the chance to enjoy Crazy Cubes at no cost. The game is highly addictive and players will get to enjoy a challenge they haven’t experienced before.”

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