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modo used for World In Conflict Game

Massive Ent., a studio in Vivendi Games? Sierra Ent. division, is using modo for WORLD IN CONFLICT, the upcoming Cold War strategy game for the PC due in spring 2007. modo?s flexible user interface and powerful UV tools dramatically increased the Swedish developer?s production of detailed realistic models and was used to produce more than 90% of the title?s in-game models.

?We?re very impressed with modo?s new features, which have increased our production speed dramatically,? said Magnus Larson of Massive Ent. ?For example, a one-day UV task now takes as little as one hour to complete when using modo. modo also allows us to see more organic detail in our in-game models, which offers an increased level of realism that encourages our artists to explore new ideas and ultimately produce better content for our games.?

modo is a cutting edge 3D modeling, painting and rendering software designed to accelerate the creation of world-class models, associated color and normal maps and ultra high-quality renderings. modo?s modern workflow and advanced toolset easily deliver enhanced productivity for 3D artists working in game development, film visual effects, video production, graphic arts and design visualization. A free 30-day full-featured evaluation version of modo is available for immediate download from modo3d.com.

?Massive is a company that really gets what modo is about,? said Brad Peebler, president of Luxology. ?The efficiency modo delivers is a function of both superior workflow and the fact artists truly enjoy using the software.?

WORLD IN CONFLICT represents the next generation of strategy games, with completely destructible 3D battlefields, aggressive team-based multiplayer action and a narrowed gameplay focus on the intense action of modern combat. The game presents a chillingly authentic Cold War scenario created by Cold War authority and best-selling author Larry Bond, in which the Soviets, fearing certain collapse in 1989, boldly advance into Europe. NATO responds in force only to be met on a second front: a full-fledged invasion of the American homeland. Players take on the role of field commander, leading the era?s most powerful military machines in the campaign to retake America?s cities and suburbs.

Founded in 1997 and based in Malm?, Sweden, Massive Ent. is a premier producer of games and interactive entertainment software for a worldwide market. Its world-acclaimed PC game GROUND CONTROL, launched in 2000, established Massive Ent. as one of the most innovative developers in the realtime strategy genre. The company has also developed several integrated games for mobile phone, SMS and WAP platforms, and a number of additional titles for the PC. In 2002, Vivendi Games (VG) acquired the company, making Massive Ent. one of only two wholly owned development studios outside of North America.

Vivendi Games (www.vivendigames.com) is a global developer, publisher and distributor of multi-platform interactive entertainment. The company is the leader in the subscription-based massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPG) category, holds leading positions in the PC, console, handheld and mobile games markets, and is an emerging player in casual online games. Vivendi Games? two principal studios and publishing labels include Blizzard Ent., headquartered in Irvine, California, the creator of WORLD OF WARCRAFT, DIABLO, STARCRAFT and WARCRAFT; and Sierra Ent., headquartered in Los Angeles, which includes Radical Ent., Swordfish Studios, High Moon Studios and Massive Ent. Sierra?s IPs include CRASH BANDICOOT, SPYRO THE DRAGON, EMPIRE EARTH, SWAT, DARKWATCH, TIMESHIFT, GROUND CONTROL and LEISURE SUIT LARRY.

Vivendi Games is also home to Vivendi Mobile Games, publishing games for the emerging mobile market, and Sierra Online, dedicated to publishing casual games for online play and distribution on all platforms. Vivendi Games maintains strategic relationships with industry leading content partners, including Universal Music Group, NBC Universal, Twentieth Century Fox, and Ludlum Ent. The company has 16 offices around the world conducting business in 75 countries.

Based in San Mateo, California, Luxology Llc. (www.modo3d.com) is an independent technology company developing next-generation 3D content creation software that enhances productivity via artist-friendly tools powered by a modern underlying architecture. Founded in 2002 by Allen Hastings, Stuart Ferguson and Brad Peebler, Luxology is home to some of the top 3D engineering expertise in the industry.

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