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dotMobi websites testing tool

dotMobi, the consortium behind the Internet address created for mobile phones, today launched a revised version of ready.mobi, its free - industry-leading mobile Web test tool. The 2.0 version of the tool evaluates the quality of mobile Web sites using industry best practices and standards. The free reports generated by ready.mobi provide easy-to-evaluate scores for each page of the mobile site, as well as in-depth analysis of more than 35 Web page attributes to determine how well a site is likely to perform on mobile phones. Launched in March 2007, ready.mobi has already been used to test nearly 250,000 pages of mobile content; ensuring that content is of the highest quality for mobile consumers.

Currently, ready.mobi delivers many user-requested features, including more mobile phone emulators, the ability to specify mobile device headers to crawl sites (and save them for later use), and color-coded results that provide an at-a-glance view as with an option to "drill down" to greater detail for each attribute. Developers building .mobi sites will also have the ability to stop and start the site crawlers and review results in real-time.

In addition, users of dotMobi's Developer Forum are able to utilize an account to login and maintain ready.mobi test preferences and results. The tool keeps a history of previous test results to show the improvement of sites over time, enabling it to become an important part of the users' mobile Web development and quality assurance processes.

"ready.mobi has proven to be incredibly popular with the mobile developer community," said Neil Edwards, CEO of dotMobi. "Being able to take the feedback of the community and offer an advanced version - still at no cost - to users is gratifying to dotMobi. The high level of use and discussion around ready.mobi and our Developer Forum, dev.mobi, proves that interest in creating .mobi content and services is growing daily."

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