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a la Mobile's Linux Platform for Mobile Phones is Ready

a la Mobile has said that its Convergent Linux Platform, a complete and configurable operating system for mobile phones, is now available for customer evaluation. a la Mobile will showcase the Convergent Linux Platform to the industry with live product demos at the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo, August 15-17, at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

a la Mobile's Convergent Linux is the only complete operating system (OS) for mobile phones with an entirely open and configurable platform. It is also the first mobile OS platform that enables a single software stack in binary form to move across different handsets ? even those based on processors from different manufacturers ? without tedious and costly porting or modifications, thereby dramatically accelerating time to market and ensuring device software interoperability. The open nature of Convergent Linux provides handset manufacturers with the opportunity to choose the software components, functionality and device look-and-feel that are best suited for their target customers. Furthermore, the platform is a full and complete mobile software stack (from device drivers and Linux kernel to middleware and applications): integrated; tested; certified; supported; and maintained, giving manufacturers the peace of mind to roll-out new product families based on the Linux operating system.

"As an open, non-proprietary operating system, Linux provides flexibility, freedom of choice and a cost advantage that makes it compelling as a viable alternative to Windows Mobile, Symbian and other proprietary offerings," said Stacey Quandt, IT Analyst, Quandt Analytics. "A solution like a la Mobile's takes this advantage a step further by building in functionality that allows handset manufacturers to minimize the application platform fragmentation issues that have plagued the industry for years."

"a la Mobile is proud to be the first in the industry to deliver a complete Linux system platform for mobile phones at a time Linux is beginning to gain momentum in the mainstream mobile market," said Pauline Lo Alker, President and CEO of a la Mobile. "Harnessing the power of open source together with innovative development and integration, our complete platform offering will decrease platform fragmentation and help accelerate the industry's adoption of Linux for mobile phones. We view LinuxWorld as an ideal forum to showcase our Convergent Linux Platform to the world for the first time."

a la Mobile will be demonstrating the Convergent Linux Platform at LinuxWorld. Individuals interested in viewing the demo can visit the company at Meeting Room 7 (Booth 700).

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