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Zero36 and Genasys partner to offer a location-based mobile casino filtering system in Spain

Madrid, Spain, 18th of june, 2007 ? Zero36 (http://www.z36.biz), a leading developer and operator of Mobile Gambling Services, today announces a partnership with Genasys for the joint operation of Zero36?s Location-Based Mobile Casino Filtering System in Spain. As part of their agreement, Genasys will provide Zero36 with the real-time location of users playing on the Zero36 mobile casino service to ensure compliance with Spanish regional legislation.

As recently announced, Zero36 has developed a location-based filtering system with a worldwide patent that operates according to the geographical location of a user. This system enables access to mobile casino applications in accordance with the legal status of online gambling at the user?s precise location.

?The partnership with Genasys will enable Zero36 to receive location data from all Spanish mobile carriers, eliminating the need to run a separate integration process with each carrier?, said Zero36 CEO Sharon Tal. ?Genasys will also provide Zero36 with a range of legal safeguards for dealing with personal data protection. This means that only users who will enable pinpointing their precise location will be allowed to play.?

?In addition, this system will support different taxation rates accordingly to the area where the user is located. This is necessary because gambling taxation rates vary throughout Spain,? added Tal.

Genasys, a leading provider of solutions for the secure delivery of location-based services, provides geospatial solutions for leading mobile operators and service providers including Telefonica M?viles, Vodafone Espa?a, Optus (Australia), Vivo (Brazil), Optimus (Portugal) and more. ?The combination of Zero36?s proprietary location-based filtering technology with Genasys?s positioning platform creates a seamless solution for enabling a range of location-based offerings, protecting the user?s privacy according to the local legislation? said Genasys CEO, Joaqu?n Sanz

Zero36 is currently the only offshore company operating a mobile casino for Spanish users, which is also promoted by Spain?s Movistar?s WAP portal.

About Genasys

Genasys, founded in 1994 with the mission to develop innovative and intelligent geospatial solutions for the global telecommunications market, has become a leading provider of location based services and oriented data modelling. Genasys has kept pace with the new developments in the market while staying true to its core vision. Working from extensive experience in professional services and product development, the Genasys team is proud of the relationships it has built with its clients and of the challenges inherent in the goal of consistently exceeding expectations in every project they complete.

For more information about Genasys, please visit us at www.genasys.com

About Zero36 Ltd

Zero36 is a leading developer and operator of Mobile Gambling Services. With six years mobile gaming experience, the Zero36 team specializes in the development and publishing of more than 30 mobile casino applications delivered as stand-alone, play for fun/prizes, and real money games. Through agreements with leading international mobile network carriers, Zero36 reaches millions of WAP and i-mode users worldwide.

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