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World Cup Planner

8 Bit Games today launched the mobile World Cup Planner, a brand new site for mobile phone owners, which puts the whole world cup in the palm of your hand. It has everything from a TV guide and betting odds with live updates.

Visit the site and you can download World Cup 2006 Planner, which gives you the latest news, results, odds, facts and background on every single team, group and match in the tournament ? updated LIVE and right in the palm of your hand.

PLUS they're GIVING AWAY world cup themed wallpapers for your phone as well as running the World Cup 2006 Planner competition, where there are iPods, footballs and team shirts to be won if you can predict the final 16 and then teams for the final itself.

World Cup 2006 Planner does everything you normally need a wall planner, a TV guide, a night down the pub and an expert commentary team to do.

Forget waiting for the newspaper, logging onto the Internet or putting up with the TV ? World Cup 2006 Planner delivers everything you could possibly need to know about the tournament, right to your phone. Wherever you are and whenever you want.

With World Cup 2006 Planner on your phone you have the TIMES AND LOCATIONS of every match in the tournament. Keep track of YOUR TEAM as they progress through the competition. You can get the LATEST NEWS delivered straight to your mobile. See the RESULTS as they happen ? and how they affect the team standings and groups. Download the latest BETTING ODDS straight from the bookies. Check out the FACTS AND BACKGROUND on every team in the competition. Use World Cup 2006 Planner to find out WHAT IF the results happened differently ? what would it take to put Germany back in the final? What happens if Brazil crash out in the second round? World Cup Planner can tell you everything.

Downloading World Cup 2006 Planner is easy.

Or you can download World Cup 2006 Planner from your phone by texting 'go world' to 60300 to pay by premium rate SMS. Alternatively you can pay for World Cup Planner by Credit Card or using the widely popular PayPal system.

World Cup 2006 Planner costs only ?4.50 to download. There's NO subscription we won't sign you up to anything. Promise.

Dave Vout, the Business Development Manager of 8 Bit Games, said, ?World Cup 2006 Planner is like traveling with your own personal team of experts, commentators, pundits, journalists and mates ? except you don't have to buy them drinks or pay for them on the bus. Your mobile phone can now tell you everything about this year's competition: the latest up to the minute news, the next match your team plays in, the group standings, the latest odds and even lets you play with the results to see what might have been, or what could happen later in the tournament. It puts everything you could ever want to know, straight in the palm of your hand and makes sure you don't miss a second of the tournament or the latest breaking news story. Whether you're in the office, on the bus, in the bath or down the pub, you're always in touch with the latest action. PLUS we're giving away free wallpapers to everyone who visits the site AND running competitions to give away iPods, football gear and other cool prizes.?

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