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Women Buy More Games on Their Mobile Phones

Newly released data from Telephia, the leading provider of performance information to the mobile communications industry, reveals that women buy more games for their mobile phones than men, and that certain games are much more popular among women. During the three months of February through April 2005, women bought 60% of mobile games compared to 40% for men. Telephia Audience Metrics, a recently launched product from Telephia, measures monthly mobile content purchase activity from the phone bills of 30,000 panelists. Supplemental information is captured through surveys. Telephia Audience Metrics allows wireless carriers, mobile media companies, and mobile device manufacturers to deliver better and more targeted content to their customers? mobile phones. Telephia reveals that the top mobile game titles purchased are often familiar names from computer or console game playing. The most purchased game overall was JAMDAT?s poker game Downtown Texas Hold?em. Second on the list was the classic puzzle game Tetris. Downtown Texas Hold?em and Tetris were popular among both sexes, and were purchased by approximately equal numbers of men and women. Other top game titles show sharp differences among the sexes. Bejeweled, a popular internet puzzle game, was purchased by almost three times as many women as men. Buzztime, a trivia game made famous in sports bars, is purchased by almost twice as many men as women. Telephia?s data, which is weighted to accurately represent the US population, shows that 6.3 million people, or 3.5% of the 180 million wireless phone users in the United States, purchased at least one game for their mobile phone during the February through April 2005 period. Women make about half of mobile phone users, but purchase a disproportionate share of games for their mobile phones.

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