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With Cequint, You're Cell Phone Will At Least Display What City Callers Hail From

We hadn't thought about the difference in caller ID on our cell phones and our landlines, but indeed our home phones display the name of the person who is calling while our cell phones just give us the caller's number and we have to guess who might be calling from 917 or 213.

Cequint gets us half way there by launching City ID, a patented technology that automatically displays the City and State beneath the number of every wireless call received. Its not terribly satisfying but better than the status quo.

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To get this into your hands Cequint would partner with wireless carriers. It says it piloted City ID on four top wireless application portals. While successful application trial-to-purchase conversion rates are in the 3-5% range where consumers are paying $1.99 per month.

Seattle-based Cequint has just raised Series B funding. No financial terms were disclosed, but a regulatory filing pulled by PEWire shows that the total round was $5M. iSherpa Capital led the deal and was joined by return backer Benaroya Capital.

Will it get mass adoption? Cequint puts its business prospects into the category of ringtones. Its a relatively small amount to ask consumers to pay to improve their cell phones and if even a fraction of cell phone users adopt that's a lot of money. Thant makes sense, however, we wouldn't be surprised to seee some carriers just offer their own city look-up. Sure Cequint says it has a patent but that carriers might test it if they think there is substantial money to be made.

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