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WiFiMobile launches mobile VOIP application for Nokia S60 devices

WiFiMobile officially launched at CTIA, Florida.

[ClickPress, Tue Apr 10 2007] WiFiMobile today launched a Mobile VOIP service on the Nokia S60 handsets which enables users to make free calls to each other over Wi-Fi regardless of location. Mobile VOIP calls can also be made where no Wi-Fi connection is available by utilising a network operator data plan.

The WiFiMobile service is available at www.wifimobile.com. Using the basic service users can call other VOIP users completely for free. A premium service is also available that permits calls to be made to ordinary landlines or mobile phones at heavily discounted costs.

Calls can be made when the user is in a Wi-Fi zone. Alternatively WiFiMobile also enables VOIP calls to be made over a conventional GSM service by routing the call over an existing 3G data plan. In either of these situations VOIP calls will not eat up any bundled voice minutes.

Configuration is as easy as entering your existing mobile phone number and receiving a text ? no need for manual configuration of complicated parameters.

An additional available feature that will be attractive to corporate users is that they can immediately use select Nokia S60 devices as an extension to their corporate IP PBX. This allows IT/Telecom Managers to carefully control their company?s continuously escalating mobile phone costs. IT Managers can re-program VOIP parameters for all of their employees? mobiles at the touch of a button.

Founder and CEO Gerry O?Prey says: ?Thanks to WiFiMobile gone are the days of having to configure complicated SIP settings. Just go on our web site enter your details and your mobile will have VOIP service or be connected to your corporate IP PBX at the touch of a button. This will make mobile VOIP a reality for both the employee and IT Manager?.

S60 built on Symbian OS is the world?s leading smartphone software, with more than 84 million devices in the market. Through its award winning user interface, extensive support for new mobile services and the innovation potential for partner solutions, S60 provides an open and scalable business opportunity for mobile operators and 3rd party developers.

For further information and news about the S60 and the S60 community, please visit www.s60.com.


WiFiMobile was formed in 2002 in Santa Monica, California and has recently opened a European office in the UK. Founder and CEO Gerry O?Prey is the man behind Dataflex Holdings which he founded and led to it?s full listing on the London Stock Exchange. The main focus has been developing software for Nokia S60 smartphones to facilitate calls over a WLAN network and over 3G networks.

WiFiMobile are fully committed to the development of mobile VOIP solutions for both the consumer and business sectors. The company is poised to achieve phenomenal growth in the next year as a pioneer in this rapidly evolving market. For further information please visit www.wifimobile.com or email pr@wifimobile.com.

WiFiMobile is a member of Forum Nokia PRO, a premium development program from Nokia that provides advanced technical, business development and marketing support to select mobile software companies. For more information visit www.forum.nokia.com/pro.

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