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Web 2.0 Platform Lets Businesses Send SMS Messages

SMS Media Group is making it easier and faster for businesses to communicate with their customers when they are mobile. The companies Web 2.0 platform, http://SMSdelivery.com, is one of the easiest and most economical ways for a business to send text message communications. The platform is 100% web-based, with no downloads or software to install.

SMSdelivery allows businesses to create, deliver, and track text message campaigns for the North American market. Its web-based environment allows companies to leverage existing list management, subscriber profiling, and message delivery tools that include scheduling, targeting, and reporting of SMS messages via an online interface. The hosted platform is changing the way SMS messaging is being deployed, reducing costs, and expediting time to market.

A company can activate an account on the system and in the same day have text messaging integrated into their business where they are able to send communications to their customers? cell phones.

Mobile phone usage in the United States has now topped 70%, and SMS messages have the highest penetration rate with virtually all cell phones able to send and receive text messages.

SMSdelivery supports all major wireless carriers in the U.S. providing reach to over 230 million wireless consumers.

About SMS Media Group, Inc. ? http://smsmediagroup.com

Founded in 2002, SMS Media Group (SMSMG) is a mobile media company located in Aliso Viejo, CA. The company specializing in opt-in SMS communications to cell phones, otherwise known as "text messaging." SMSMG's web-based mobile messaging solution, SMSdelivery, allows businesses to create, deliver and track text message campaigns to cellular subscribers in North America.

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