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WWE on Your Mobile: It's Live and Happening

For the curious and especially for those who just can't live without their smackdowns, AT&T/Cingular brings you exclusive World Wrestling Entertainment content on your mobile.

You'll benefit the most if you have a video-enabled phone, but any old 3G model will do. That's right, you'll have to upgrade to a 3G phone to take advantage of any of these features. Some of us have them anyway and some of us are always looking to upgrade, so there you go. No need to put yourself in a headlock over it.

You get ringtones, wallpapers, and (the good stuff) video clips, including match play and interviews. Pricing for that goes US$1.99 per ringtone, US$2.49 per wallpaper, and US$4.99 per month for video.

Get ready to rumble.

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