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Vodafone Plans Mobile Web Portal For Developers

Vodafone will launch an open source community portal dubbed BetaVine as a research and development space for mobile applications, reports Read/Write Web. ?Users will be able to download and test applications, plus comment and contribute on the forums and blogs. Developers can create projects and host applications, plus blog and interact with their users and the Betavine community. Indeed, interaction between developers and testers will be a key part of Betavine - Vodafone hopes it will provide them with a testing ground for the latest Mobile Web concepts and technologies.? The portal is online, I?m unsure whether it will also be available in a mobile version. It?s a good way for Vodafone to ensure there are interesting an useful mobile apps, and for developers to test and fine-tune their products...Nokia has a similar effort called Maemo. There?s more information at the Segala blog.

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