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Velocent Systems Launches Industry?s First End-to-End Mobile Data Service Assurance Solution

Enables Problem Identification and Resolution ? from the Core Network to a User?s Device ? in Real Time to Assure Service Availability and Reliability Leading to Reduction in Customer Churn and Increased Revenue Naperville, IL ? May 15, 2007 ? Velocent Systems, Inc. (pronounced Ve-loh-cent) today announced its flagship product, the Velocent Session Engine (VSE) 2000. Targeted for mobile service providers (MSP), the VSE 2000 is a low-cost software-based platform providing real-time visibility into mobile data session quality and application usage across the entire delivery chain, from the core network down to a user?s mobile device. It identifies service delivery components that are affecting or may affect user experience, such as the cell, application, server, device, network or network element. With it, MSPs can better plan and implement new services and proactively address service problems in real time. These first-ever capabilities in a single solution can enable MSPs to realize a dramatic reduction in customer churn while maximizing average revenue per user (ARPU).

The VSE 2000 is the only all-in-one solution delivering end-to-end visibility into the complete data session?s quality and is non-intrusive in its ability to monitor up to one million concurrent sessions on a per user, per session basis from layer two to layer seven. It boasts several unmatched performance measurements that differentiate it from traditionally limited monitoring solutions. Traditional approaches are typically only able to identify if a session is dropped or provide limited monitoring beyond this. Velocent covers this and more at a fraction of the cost and effort to deploy.

?It?s not uncommon for an MSP to have a small portion of its mobile customers generating the majority of its net revenue,? said Bruce Peterson, President & CEO of Velocent Systems. ?The VSE 2000 is so complete it can provide visibility to pinpoint which cell sites have the most number of service affecting instances ranked by ?VIP? subscriber usage to determine where to spend CAPEX and OPEX for maximum effect on net revenue. This is the type of unmatched visibility delivered in the VSE 2000.?

For network quality engineers seeking comprehensive visibility, no other solution offers Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for critical measurements such as TCP Round-Trip Time (RTT) to determine latency in and out of the mobile network. Mean User Data Rate (MUDR) for throughput (minimum and peak), selectable also for a specific time period, is another critical measurement made available. As well, end-to-end session quality (TCP congestion) indicators are on hand for assuring server / client TCP session integrity. Another critical and exclusive measurement involves the ability to identify TCP and UDP conversation / streaming connections ended abnormally (dropped sessions). KPI information and encoding conforms to 3GPP / 3GPP2 standards.

?There is no doubting the continued strong growth of mobile data services and their importance to MSP revenues,? added Peterson. ?With so much riding on these advanced services, MSPs must have a strong ability to manage data session quality and the VSE 2000 nails it by giving them the only all-in-one solution to do it end-to-end. Such never-before-available visibility empowers MSPs to reduce their churn and maximize ARPU.?

The single-box hardware is easily installed in just a couple of hours and requires minimal real estate in a standard 19 inch communications rack. In a Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) environment, the VSE 2000 non-intrusively resides on a mirrored port or network tap in front of the Gateway GPRS [General Packet Radio Service] Support Node (GGSN). In a Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA) network, it non-intrusively resides in front of the Packet Data Serving Node (PDSN). It is a self-contained monitoring system which generates KPIs. VSE 2000 KPIs are collected within the integrated KPI Mediation Device (KMD) that aggregates the data into Key Quality Indicators (KQI). KQIs are provided in an SQL database for basic reports. Ad hoc reporting software can query an SQL database to easily generate reports directly from the KMD. The KMD can also easily integrate with third party OSS / reporting systems.

Velocent?s KPIs / KQIs are subscriber and session-centric on accessibility, retainability and integrity, simplifying problem resolutions for MSPs. The solution can also intelligently discern between traffic flow awareness, application space and traffic plane as well as the number of sessions contrasted against throughput. No other solution can do end-to-end monitoring for latency and throughput combined with accessibility and retainability KPIs. The VSE 2000 is based on either a 2U HP or IBM server running an Intel? network processor based platform at 23 giga-operations per second. It houses eight hot-swappable hard drives providing plenty of space for data storage and redundancy with dual fans and dual power supplies. It is also field-upgradeable and compliant with European Union (EU) standards RoHS, CE, and UL.

Pricing and Availability

Velocent Systems partners with leading worldwide value added resellers (VAR), reporting companies, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and engineering consultants as well as direct sales to make its products available globally. The VSE 2000 is available immediately. Pricing varies by configuration.

About Velocent Systems

Velocent Systems, Inc., a privately held company founded in 2005, has delivered the world?s first cost-effective all-in-one solution capable of complete and unrivaled end-to-end mobile data services performance monitoring and assurance. The software-based product can deliver service quality indicators to identify performance hindrances from the core network down to a user?s mobile device. Products are designed to aid MSPs to dramatically reduce costly customer churn and increasing ARPU by providing unrivaled visibility into mobile data service performance. The company is based in Naperville, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). More information about Velocent Systems can be found at http://www.velocent.com.

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