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VOIP Application for Low Cost International Calls for Symbian-Supported Phones Announced by MINO Wireless

MINO Wireless (http://www.minowireless.com), a Sunnyvale, CA-based mobile services company, has announced its easy-to-use, inexpensive new mobile application for making international calls from Symbian supported phones. All mobiles phone users supported by Symbian OS can call any phone worldwide at rates as low as 2.2 cents per minute Using MINO.

MINO Wireless (http://www.minowireless.com), a Sunnyvale, CA-based mobile services company, has announced its easy-to-use, new mobile application for making inexpensive international calls from Symbian supported phones. All Symbian OS supported mobile phone users can call any phone worldwide at rates starting from 2.2 cents per minute using MINO.

Most popular handset brands such as Nokia, Sony Erickson and Motorola, use the Symbian operating system and are able to download the MINO application easily. MINO has received very positive response with over 10,000 downloads by Symbian phone users in the first few months.

?Though affordable international calling options like Vonage and SkypeOut are present in the market, MINO is the first company to extend VOIP calls to mobile phones,? says Jing Liu CEO and founder of MINO Wireless, ?Business and other users of high-end handsets supported by Symbian, have welcomed this convenience, which allows them to enjoy the low cost of PC and VOIP phones.?

The mobile phone has emerged as the preferred device for making calls, but high costs for international calls inhibit customers from making international calls from their mobile phones. Calling cards present a cheaper option, but although they promise low rates, users often pay hidden fees including connection fees and maintenance fees. Cost-conscious people are often forced to use GoogleTalk or Skype, which still ties them to their computers.

According to Dean Ghewalla, a MINO customer from Houston, Texas, ?MINO is an outstanding service to make international calls from the cell phone. It gives you the convenience of dialing direct from the cell phone without any PIN or access numbers and gives you low rates without any hidden costs.? Mr. Ghewalla uses MINO to call India from his Nokia 9500 handset.

With MINO, users do not have to remember PIN or access numbers. They can direct dial phone numbers from their contact list and pay MINO?s low rates to call anywhere in the world. Users with Symbian phones that do not support Java can use MINO by pointing their WAP browsers to getmino.com.

MINO began offering its service in early 2006 and has signed up over 90,000 users in more than 50 countries.

About MINO Wireless<

MINO Wireless is developing novel technologies, which allow mobile phone users worldwide to make international calls at very low rates. The company?s revolutionary technology uses the Internet connection on the mobile phone to connect to the Voice-Over-IP infrastructure to reduce the cost of international calls by over 70%. MINO Wireless is headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA.

Further information about the company can be found at http://www.minowireless.com

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