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Using Mobile Community Site Itsmy.com

User generated mobile community site GoFresh has released some statistics from its US userbase of itsmy.com. The statistics (which are on this page) are based on the last 100 million mobile web PIs in itsmy.com coming from US operator?s WAP gateways in 2007. It?s one site and so skewed because of that, but some of the figures are interesting. The data plan that is used by most of Itsmy users emphasizes the importance of price in mobile content?70 percent are on a fixed rate plan, 18 percent on a data package, 7 percent on pay-per-minute and 5 percent on pay-per-kilobyte. There are also tables for usage by operator (Sprint tops it, Verizon barely scrapes past Alltel at the bottom) and handset (mostly Nokias and Motorolas). There?s also the top 20 cities?Cincinatti stands out with 15 percent of the users, more than twice any other city. I don?t know why, but I suspect it reflects the importance of the starter population in social sites. The number one picture uploader is a female taxi driver in Texas who has uploaded an average of more than five photos per day?

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