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Usage Survey Shows Mobile Phones Boost Productivity, Provide Downtime & Pass Time

The recent 2006 Sprint Productivity Survey of mobile users speaks volumes about the evolution in usage habits and user behavior. The majority of respondents (84%) said mobile is vital to their productivity; and 35% said they could not accomplish what they do without it.

And when users aren?t using their mobile devices to boost work efficiency, they?re using them to enjoy downtime. Users reported they fill their free time in the following ways:

? 43% listen to music
? 40% call someone
? 39% check email
? 36% surf the Internet
? 31% play games
? 23% text or instant message

When asked what services on their mobile phones help maximize their lives (respondents could choose more than one), respondents identified:

? Text messaging (64%)
? Email (62%)
? Camera (60%)
? Wireless Web (59%)
? Music (58%)
? Instant messaging (58%)
? Location-based services such as driving directions, GPS tracking (55%)
? News (55%)
? Games (51%)

Similarly, when asked which features on their mobile phones help users make the most of their time, voicemail led the way with 86%. Other phone features that made the list included: phone book (82%), speed dial (65%), speakerphone (65%), camera (56%), text/instant messaging (53%) and calendar (51%).

And what would users like to be able to do with their mobile phones that they can?t already? More than half of respondents said they would like to use GPS on their mobile phone to locate a family member, and more than one-third (37%) of those with a digital video recorder (DVR) would like to be able to program it with their mobile phone.

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