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Unlocked iPhone

The iPhone can now be unlocked without having to relate to AT&T at all. This is possible by running an application that you can find here, if it might be of interest to anyone.

The information has been posted on Jon Lech Johansen's blog on the third of July. His solution means that the iPhone can now be made available for anyone without having to comply with AT&T's terms for using the phone. The solution that he has found is not a final one, as he is currently working on finding ways to improve it.

The program used for activating the iPhone is Phone Activation Server v1.0. In order to do this, you also need to have NET Framework 2.0 previously installed. Moreover, the user has to use some specific numbers and add the hosts entry to successfully run the program.

We have not tested the whole process of unlocking the iPhone and we don't intend to do it in the future, as Softpedia does not encourage such activities. Still, anyone willing to try using this application on their devices will do so on their responsibility.

There is also a considerable disadvantage about this solution, although Jon Lech Johansen is currently working on ways to eliminate any drawbacks in unlocking the iPhone. As things stand at this point, the handset can be used only for iPod and WiFi use. There is no phone capability available for Apple's handset in this mode, which might not appeal to many people.

Jon Lech Johansen has managed to crack several other devices before too, so we are talking about an experienced hacker. His attempt to unlock the iPhone comes as a great number of people have seen in this "wonder device" a challenge for testing its limits and revealing its weak points. Apple is currently working on ways to solve the software problems that iPhone owners have encountered with their devices until now and make it more resistant to threats.

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