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UNIVERSOMO: Universomo Ltd. continues to expand by acquiring Aukio Group

Mobile game developer Universomo Ltd. continues to expand by acquiring Aukio Group Universomo, developer of such games as LEGO Star Wars, Rollercoaster Rush and BIONICLE Heroes, has announced to have acquired Aukio Group, a Finnish game studio. Aukio Group specialises in computer graphics, their core area of expertise being in 3D graphics. Aukio Group has worked on numerous PC and mobile game projects.

According to Mr. Heikki V??n?nen, Universomo CEO, the acquisition was based on the continuously escalating demand and a need for additional capable personnel.

?Universomo has strengthened its position in the game market thanks to its innovative, high quality games. Our platform technology has enabled us to focus more on game content instead of technical details. This methodology has led to an incredible amount of interest from game publishers, and our resources have simply not been enough to meet the demand. As it is extremely hard to find competent and experienced staff, acquiring another company was a natural solution.?

?With this acquisition the supply met the demand perfectly. Aukio Group will provide us with even more expertise in graphics and game development as well as design,? says Mr. V??n?nen.

The acquisition will add seven people to Universomo?s staff bringing it to a total of 35. All of the Aukio Group employees have already begun working in Universomo?s facilities.

According to Mr. Mikko Pernu, the CEO of Aukio Group now acting as the Business Controller of Universomo Ltd., the mobile game market is a constantly developing and challenging area of the market. ?The device base is in an ongoing state of change, and the new technologies set new demands for game developers. We see this not only as a challenge, but as an opportunity to raise the bar for game quality and visual appeal.?

Universomo Ltd., established in 2002, is concentrated on mobile game development for global publishers. Universomo has developed games for companies such as THQ Wireless, TT Games, Digital Chocolate, Mr. Goodliving and Sulake. In 2005 Universomo developed 11 games, the estimate for 2006 is 20 games.

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