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UK mobile firms score goal with World Cup highlights

3UK offers World Cup highlights free of charge, downloadable video clips at various prices

Media Eye has already reported on how local mobile-phone operators declined to offer video highlights of Fifa World Cup matches to their users because they considered the licensing costs unacceptably high.

Now, contrast that with Britain, where mobile-phone users are enjoying the match highlights for free, courtesy of advertisers.

At Hutchison Whampoa's 3UK, which offers third-generation services, there's a separate channel for highlights of each of the 64 matches in the tournament. They become available just five minutes after the conclusion of each match. Other free features are a daily magazine show, match commentaries and statistics

."Thanks to our sponsors, we can offer the World Cup mobile TV service for free," Graeme Oxby, the marketing director at 3UK, told Media Eye.

He said that the response was enthusiastic and the success boded well for the firm's nascent mobile television business.

Advertisers who put their stamp on the World Cup promotion included Anheuser Busch, which brews Budweiser beer, digital camera maker Canon and game software developer EA Games.

Wisely, the sponsors of the promotion chose to be relatively unobtrusive. The match highlights, for example, are preceded and followed by a five-second message from Canon.

"We charge advertisers in several different ways, such as per click, per download or per view, on the basis of cost per thousand viewers," Mr Oxby said.

Mobile movie money-maker

Aspiring film directors have found a great outlet for their talents on the internet, where they can share video clips with a global audience with ridiculous ease. Now they even have mobile-phone operators paying them to indulge in their hobby.

A trend among mobile firms is to use customer-generated content to make money. For homemade videos that are massively downloaded, 3UK allows the producers a cut of the take.

For each video clip downloaded, the company charges the user anywhere from 10 pence ($1.43) to 69 pence. Any clip that generates more than 1,000 downloads earns its maker a ?10 reward from 3UK

If such a reward scheme were introduced in Hong Kong, the producer of the Grumpy Bus Uncle clips would become an instant millionaire.

Phantom Fiber and Excapsa Launch a Global Mobile Poker Product

Partnership Creates a True Mobile Poker Experience

Phantom Fiber Corporation (OTCBB: PHFB) widely regarded as the gaming industry's leading developer of wireless platform software in partnership with Excapsa, the developer, marketer and licenser of online gaming software applications, today announces the launch of a global mobile gaming solution.

This new distribution method for the poker product integrates a shared eWallet with Excapsa's other games and is available across global communications networks to mobile users on over 1,000 wireless devices including mobile phones and PDA's.

Excapsa licensee brand UltimateBet is the first to enjoy the benefits of the branded mobile solution enabling their customers to experience the new technology while integrating directly into the Excapsa gaming network. Incorporating a branded mobile solution into their marketing strategies allows Excapsa's licensees to tap further into the estimated $11.9 billion global gaming market and to aid in reaching targeted European markets for expansion. This will become a key differentiator among online gaming competitors as mobile gaming becomes more widely used.

Excapsa's wholly owned licensing subsidiary, Game Theory Limited, has signed a 5-year partnership deal with Phantom Fiber to launch this mobile platform. The Phantom Fiber technology allows Excapsa to integrate its gaming network with global mobile communication networks securely and instantly using over 1000 different mobile phones.

Commenting on this partnership, Jim Ryan, Chief Executive Officer of Excapsa said:

"The potential for mobile solutions in the online gaming market is still evolving as the user base becomes more experienced and connectivity for this sophisticated software becomes increasingly viable. As one of the first online gaming software developers to provide a mobile solution for their poker product, we are able to continually enhance our software to take full advantage of this distribution method as the market grows. This also allows us to provide licensees within our network with a new avenue in which to leverage their customer relationships. Our partnership with Phantom Fiber, a leader in this sector, will serve to ensure we continue to be at the forefront of this opportunity."

Jeff Halloran, President and CEO of Phantom Fiber said;

"As one of the first live global poker offering, what more can I say about the impact of this news. Our five-year license agreement with Excapsa Software not only demonstrates our mutual commitment to a successful partnership, but it absolutely validates our continued commitment to maintaining our dominant position as the leading mobile platform provider to the gaming and entertainment sector. With leading licensee brands such as UltimateBet.com, Excapsa has established a solid reputation for developing advanced multi-player software to support a profitable poker network which will gain enormous benefits from Phantom Fiber's advanced wireless platform with support to hundreds of mobile devices worldwide.

About Phantom Fiber Corporation

Phantom Fiber Corporation (OTCBB: PHFB) is the leading developer of wireless platform software that enables its customers to deliver high-performance applications across global communications networks to mobile users. Phantom Fiber's wireless platform extends the rich multimedia content and user experience of existing Internet web sites securely and instantly to a wide array of wireless devices including mobile phones and PDA's. This platform is already deployed to most segments of the global gaming industry and can be used by enterprises seeking to implement high performance mobile applications in such markets as: remote medical record access; securities research and trading; and the management of logistics and distribution. Phantom Fiber's Advanced Wireless Platform supports over 1000 mobile devices worldwide.

About Excapsa Software, Inc.

Excapsa (AIM: XCP) is a leading online gaming software developer which develops, maintains and markets multi-player, real time, Internet enables gaming software and manages the Excapsa Gaming Network. Through their wholly-owned subsidiary, Game Theory Limited, the network licensee brands include UltimateBet.com, UltimatePoker.com, CardPlayerPoker.com, UpperClassPoker.com, MagicPalacePoker.com, GreentiePoker.com, DV8Poker.com, Bet21.com and NationalLampoonPoker.com.

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