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UI Magic Acquires Moai Technology

San Diego-based wireless technology company UI Magic has announced that it has acquired Korean mobile game developer and publisher Moai Technology. The acquisition marks the company's first entrance into the mobile gaming space.

The all-stock acquisition of the 20-strong developer was carried out primarily due to the growth curve UI Magic anticipates networked mobile games will experience; a segment Moai has specialized in since its formation in 2003.

UI Magic's core business up to this point has been, as its name implies, custom user interfaces, and the ability for custom services to be built into this UI.

It was also announced that Moai Technology Co-founder Harry "Jun Hwa" Chang has been named Chief Creative Officer and Executive Vice President of Korea Operations for UI Magic.

"We are very excited to have Moai Technology as part of UI Magic. This acquisition will enable us to move into the real-time mobile networking gaming segment, which we expect will have huge potential in the US. The strategic sales/marketing channels with existing major Korean carriers and other global carriers that Moai will be bringing to the table will prove to be a significant asset," UI Magic president and CEO Satoru Yukie said.

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