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U.S. Cellular announces My Contacts Backup program

[My Contacts Backup is a data backup application available through U.S. Cellular that automatically protects contact information stored on a mobile phone and allows transfer to a new handset and remote erasure if a handset is lost or stolen.]

Chicago & Nashville -- The scramble to reassemble a list of contact numbers after damaging or losing a phone can be an inconvenience and sometimes draining experience. New technologies and added services also have consumers upgrading their cell phones on average of every 18 months. But thanks to a new cell phone application, U.S. Cellular easyedge(SM) customers can safely store contact information for easy retrieval when they upgrade their cell phone or the dreaded does happen - the phone gets lost or damaged beyond repair.

U.S. Cellular announced today it is launching My Contacts Backup, an innovative data backup application available at no cost through easyedge(SM). My Contacts Backup automatically protects the valuable contact information stored in your mobile phone and lets you easily transfer those contacts to a new handset --or remotely erase them from a lost or stolen phone. This innovative tool combines a downloadable handset application with an intuitive Web-based contact management portal to provide automatic or manual contact backup options. My Contacts Backup is powered by Asurion, a leading provider of enhanced services to the wireless industry.

"People save tons of information on their cell phones, not just phone numbers but e-mail addresses and schedules," states Alan D. Ferber, U.S. Cellular vice president of marketing and sales operations. "Our customers rely on this information every day, so when that phone and everything it holds goes missing or is damaged, it immediately impacts their lives. That's why we're committed to delivering new, innovative applications that bring value to our customers' lives."

Ferber recommends backing up personal information on your phone, in case it is lost or damaged or you simply upgrade to a different model. My Contacts Backup automatically protects the valuable contact information stored in your mobile phone and allows you to easily transfer those contacts to a new handset. Unique to My Contacts Backup, customers are able to remotely erase contact information in a lost/stolen device so your contacts never fall into the wrong hands.

All functions of this application occur wirelessly, so you never need to plug your phone in to your computer. If a customer replaces a phone, they need only login to the secure application and the My Contacts Backup application automatically restores the contact list to the new phone. The customer even has the flexibility to backup the content daily, weekly or monthly. In addition, www.uscellular.com/mycontactsbackup allows you to view, manage, edit, and print your contacts from your PC. Customers may also import Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and Yahoo! Contacts.

"Many customers consider the content on their wireless device to be more valuable than the device itself," said Ferber. "My Contacts Backup ensures that our customers can safeguard their contacts and access important data on the go."

"Our research shows that more than 40 percent of wireless subscribers want a content backup solution," said Rodney Schlosser, senior vice-president of business development and strategic partnerships for Asurion. "We have invested substantially to deliver an easy, fast and flexible backup application. Our data protection application provides ongoing peace-of-mind for customers by automatically transferring their contacts to a new device wirelessly, without cables, a computer or any other device. It is simple to use at home, in the retail environment, or anywhere."

U.S. Cellular's My Contacts Backup program will be available initially on more than twenty-five different handsets and will be available at no charge to all subscribers of the easyedge(SM) unlimited data plan. To learn more about My Contacts Backup visit www.uscellular.com/mycontactsbackup.

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