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Trivantis? GotZapp Application Moves Content From Web To Cell

Software publisher Trivantis has further blended the traditional landline-based Web with mobility via a social networking platform ? GotZapp -- that lets users create and send personal content to Web-enabled mobile phones.

GotZapp uses the Zirada mobile content creator to take mobile communications from the PC and move them onto the Web-enabled phone via a singe Java-based file and ?gives everyday computer users the ability to create mobile content,? said Tim Loudermilk, founder and chief software architect at GotZapp. ?We see it as enabling self expression to mobile phones from your computer and all the places you view content on your computer.?

The content is built with Zirada and then sent to a GotZapp outlet site where the user outlines the numbers of people to whom the message should be sent.

?Technically, we send a text message to the person that you?ve asked us to send the content to that tells them they have a message from whomever and then provides a link so they can download the ?zapp,?? said Loudermilk. ?The Java standard size for the large majority of phones is 300K so it?s only going to take you a couple minutes to pull it down in the maximum.?

While the technology is ready, GotZapp?s marketing agenda is a little sketchier. Right now GotZapp is a free service that even goes the extra yard and monitors content for copyright or inappropriate material. No one yet has stepped up and offered to pay, although Loudermilk believes this will change.

?I think the carriers will want to be involved (and) include this as a premium service or a subscription service or as part of their data service,? he said, noting that GotZapp would license the technology to these carriers. ?While the tool is focused at being a user tool, if you?re a company with a product or a publisher with content, this is a great way to publish content to a mobile phone (and) we do think that it could, on an opt-in basis only, carry one or two screens of advertising.?

The first users will be in Asia and Europe; North America will have more limited access because of the way mobile networks are structured.

?I think in the U.S. they?re going to want to be involved because the business gives them a rich multimedia experience and a reason for wanting a data connection,? Loudermilk said. ?Our content is built for the size of the phone and delivered for it; it modifies itself.?

?The bulk of the content will be personal communications,? he said, ?but it could expand into a person-to-person YouTube where commercial providers will be able to selectively put content up. Users will be able to say, ?Hey, I would like today?s sports scores sent to me with pictures? and have those delivered to the mobile phone.?

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