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The Possibilities For Newspapers On Mobile

Here?s some good weekend reading? The Editors Weblog has a piece on how mobiles will affect newspapers ("according to Visiongain, by 2008, 89% of brands in Europe will use SMS & MMS to reach their audience and 1/3 will spend more than 10% of their marketing budgets on the mobile channel") and the different ways newspapers can work on mobile phones ("Making money from premium rate services such as ringtone downloads or entry to competitions; Using SMS or MMS as a communication method to readers; Providing newspaper content on mobile phones through internet/WAP").

There?s also a way they can improve the knowledge of their readers habits...."They used a ?text to win? marketing mechanic where consumers were asked to text in a unique code on the inside of a chocolate bar wrapper for their chance to win a prize. As consumers are most likely to text that code at time of consumption, the brand found out which of their chocolate bars were being eaten at what time of day. This information was used to dictate a large part of their TV and Radio advertising campaigns. This can be translated to newspapers so that editors and advertising teams can tell which time of day each page is being read and, if the database is detailed enough, by whom.?

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