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The Next Generation of Mobile Gaming

The Next Generation of Mobile Gaming will expand the N-Gage platform's rich connected multiplayer experience across a wide rage of Nokia multimedia devices.

The platform includes enhanced 3D game graphics capability and user-friendly search, purchase, share and installation of high-quality rich games, as well as connected gaming with instant access to a global gaming mobile community.

The Next Generation of Mobile Gaming offers the #1 solution to mobile game publishers, developers and operators who want to enter the high-quality connected mobile gaming market.

CONSUMERS - The Nokia solution provides the best mobile gaming experience on smart phones with:

Connected mobile gaming: Local multiplayer features over Bluetooth wireless technology, as well as over mobile networks to the N-Gage Arena, Nokia's global mobile gaming community

Easy to find, purchase and install games: A combination of distribution methods makes it easier than ever for consumer to acquire new games Consistent high quality experience: Nokia sets high standard for games before they can be included in the solution

Full utilization of device performance, resulting in better 3D graphics and a more fluid gameplaying experience

DEVELOPERS - This new Nokia solution streamlines the mobile game development process by:

Providing a stable developer environment, with a channel to market

Offering a developer program with workshops and training

Creating a uniform programming environment across millions of devices

Ease of Development using Standard C++

Offering an Eclipse-based Integrated Carbide Toolchain

Providing a complete development kit (SW/HW)

Offering the first set of developer tools and developer support in 2006

OPERATORS - Nokia's new solution will result in significant growth in mobile gaming by providing:

A great games catalog

Reduced technology fragmentation

Scalable investment costs

Community management A modular turnkey solution to help drive consumer uptake, evolution and higher ARPU

PUBLISHERS - It offers fantastic business opportunities by providing: A commercial opportunity to be part of the growing rich mobile gaming community The ability to leverage existing IP and assets on new and growing platforms

Scalable investment costs

Community management

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