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The Latest Bling: Widgets for your Mobile

Feb 02 2007 /--Mobile Game Developer

Widgets on your mobile? Yes, but it's not Apple bringing it to you, at least not yet.

Ajax is the name of the programming technique from Bling Software, and it is essentially the aforementioned Widgets for an Internet-enabled phone. You don't need to subscribe to a specific wireless carrier because Ajax is network-independent.

The secret is, like push email, you get just what you need. Ajax downloads small packets of data, not the whole web page. And what you do download is presented in a graphical interface far more user-friendly than a text menu.

One example of Bling technology, shown off at the Demo conference, is the Barry Bonds module, which shows you not only a running tally of stats like his career home run totals, but also highlights of his latest feats at the plate and in the field.

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