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The Future of Communication is Here Today

(ARA) - It seems like just yesterday when cell phones were the new technology that had everyone so excited. Now, more than 20 years have passed since their use became widespread, and today, mobile technology has evolved again.

These days, the communication tool of choice at most large companies is Internet Protocol. IP-based phone systems, as they're known, route calls through the Internet instead of over the phone lines or from tower to tower. They offer companies a kind of flexibility they've never had before.

Not only do such systems save businesses thousands of dollars in management and maintenance of their office phone system, they make remote employees a viable solution, and allow employees to keep in touch with the office from anywhere in the world. "Internet Protocol is going to change the way companies do business. It's really the communication tool of the future," says Bill Forsyth of Systems Management, Inc., a full-service technology company that provides its customers with a wide range of business IT solutions.

His company's newest offering, Vodavi Telenium IP, offers a host of mobility solutions to companies wanting to take advantage of new technology. "The neat thing about Telenium is it eliminates the need to juggle multiple phone lines and voice mailboxes," says Forsyth. "Multiple systems can be networked together to simplify office communications using the Internet or private WANs."

In addition, long distance toll charges can be avoided while providing simple extension dialing between all offices; the system can be set up to centralize inbound lines and voice mail for flexible business applications; and geography is no longer a hindrance to establishing integrated communications for your business. The home office can easily be integrated into the main system with the extended phone applications.

"The future of telephony is found in the use of IP networks, the Internet and data communications. TeleniumIP provides the foundation for growth and future application integration that will not leave your company looking for a completely new communications system in the future. Planning for the future now will position your company for the exciting new technologies that will boost productivity and communication that set your company apart from the rest," says Forsyth.

To learn more about Vodavi Telenium IP, log on to www.SystemsManagement.biz. The service is available exclusively through authorized dealers, such as Systems Management, Inc.

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