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TestQuest Enables Distributed and Collaborative Testing of Mobile Devices and Applications

TestQuest CountDown(TM) Platform Dramatically Speeds Mobile Device and Application Product Launches While Ensuring Best End-User Experience

MINNEAPOLIS, Sept. 18 // -- TestQuest, Inc., the leader in test solutions for the wireless industry, has formally introduced TestQuest CountDown, the first test automation and management platform specifically designed to accelerate the development and launch of mobile devices and applications.

CountDown meets the challenges of today's complex, fast-moving mobile marketplace by optimizing the testing of any mobile device or application by device manufacturers, network operators or application developers. By supporting collaboration and test asset sharing among distributed test teams -- across a campus or around the world -- CountDown integrates test processes and information sharing across the mobile industry value chain leading to accelerated launches of higher-quality mobile devices and applications.

"Test requirements are increasingly complex, and test loads are expanding," said Ryon Boen, TestQuest vice president of products. "At the same time, test organizations are being tasked with getting new product offerings to market before competitors, while increasing quality and reducing costs. Unfortunately, the rapid proliferation of mobile devices, applications and services, and their growing sophistication, are fast outstripping manual test capabilities."

"With obsolescence being high stakes for handset technologies, compressed time-to-market periods must be a strategic mandate for operators," said Frank Bernhard, managing principal and technology economist with OMNI Consulting Group. "Efficiency of the device manufacturers' and operators' supply chain is critical, as well as the necessary quality of a global rollout process that relies on automated testing processes rather than mere manual intervention."

TestQuest CountDown offers four powerful applications:

o TestDesigner: A highly automated, intuitive, graphical environment for the development of maintainable and reusable test cases.
o TestManager: A web-based environment for organizing, scheduling and executing tests, and reporting the results.
o TestRunner: Critical automated test execution services that make anytime, anywhere distributed testing happen.
o AssetManager: Shared repository of test assets, information and test results; plus the intelligence to serve up the right test assets for the device under test.

About TestQuest

TestQuest is the leader in test automation and management solutions for mobile devices and applications. Our unique combination of test automation technology, services and methodology helps network operators, device manufacturers, component providers and application developers meet the challenges of an increasingly complex mobile and wireless world. Using TestQuest solutions, companies reduce test cycle times, improve test accuracy, collaborate to accelerate new products to market and ensure a quality end-user experience. TestQuest is a private company headquartered in Minneapolis, MN with offices throughout the world. For more information visit us at www.testquest.com.

Source: TestQuest, Inc.

CONTACT: Dianne Kruse, Director, Marketing Programs and Public Relations, of TestQuest, Inc., +1-952-646-3935 or dianne.kruse@testquest.comWeb site: http://www.testquest.com/

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