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Telit Wireless Solutions Signs Supply Agreement with Capstone Mobile

Capstone Mobile Selects GE864-Quad for Use in Fleet Tracking Application

RALEIGH, N.C.--Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc., the US-based m2m mobile technology arm of Telit Communications (AIM:TCM), today announced that Capstone Mobile has signed a supply agreement with Telit. Telit?s module will be used in Capstone Mobile?s fleet tracking devices to enable mobile monitoring and tracking of high value assets.

Capstone Mobile has developed a system that allows customers to manage their vehicle fleets and view tracking information on portable devices such as laptops and PDAs. Useful for not only monitoring fleets of vehicles, this application will monitor the fleets for critical factors such as temperature and humidity level changes, breaches in containers, and, based on variances, recommend environmental adjustments.

?Telit?s modules possess the ability to be both backwards compatible and easily programmable,? said Scott Williamson, Vice President of Capstone Mobile. ?Telit is at the top of a launching industry. The need for critical data has never been greater, and Telit has provided the ideal solution for our needs.?

Thanks to its small, external dimensions of 30 x 30 x 2.8 mm and light weight of only seven grams, the GE864 is especially ideal for applications requiring sub-compact form-factors. With the GE864, Telit is the world's first and only module manufacturer to offer a GSM / GPRS module with a ball grid array (BGA) installation concept.

BGA is based on tiny solder balls placed on the underside of a module allowing for direct mounting to the application circuit board, without the need for plugs, cables, or connectors. The module can now be assembled using an automated pick-and-place assembly for standard SMD components. This not only reduces material costs, but also installation time and assembly costs. The board-to-board BGA mounting is extremely stable and reliable. Together, the compact shape and reduced assembly costs are crucial advantages for use in cost-sensitive applications, such as those for the fleet management and consumer markets. The GE864 is the market?s only module viable for very large scale production in these categories.

?Capstone Mobile has a proven, well thought out approach to the application of wireless technology, and we welcome them as the first U.S.-based customer for Telit Wireless Solutions,? said Roger Dewey, President and CEO of Telit Wireless Solutions, Inc. ?Their applications are at the cutting edge of the wireless revolution, and together we will ensure they stay there.?

Telit?s approach to m2m is unique?their products are divided into families, each addressing the demands of various vertical markets application groups according to size, production scale, etc. Within these families, products have the same form factor and functionality irrespective of their wireless technology (GSM, CDMA). The advantage for customers is immediately apparent because all modules within a family are interchangeable, due to uniformity in size, shape, connectors and software interface. Customers can easily replace any module with its successor because there is little or no change required to the application.

There are at least ten times more machines, equipment, vehicles and robots than there are humans in the world, creating a critical need to transfer information efficiently between machines or from machines to humans. The relatively new m2m industry delivers increased efficiency, time savings, improved customer orientation and greater flexibility.

About Capstone Mobile

Capstone Mobile Technologies, LLC founded in 2005 to provide products, solutions, and consulting services to business, industry, and government agencies that solve the logistical problems of gaining immediate mobile access to critical information. These solutions provide the customer with real-time access to information that allows them to avoid critical situations, to know the location and condition of an asset, and to relay information for central or remote monitoring and management. Products include M2M technology, tracking, monitoring and software solutions, for more information please, visit www.capstonemobile.com.

About Telit Communications

Telit is a leading global mobile communications technology company. Its Wireless Solutions division develops manufactures and markets GSM/GPRS and CDMA modules for machine-to-machine (m2m) applications which enable machines, devices or vehicles to communicate via mobile networks. Telit modules are marketed and deployed worldwide. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market (AIM) (code: TCM). For more information about the company, please visit www.telit.com.

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