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Teen Texting Explodes In U.S. Market, Impact Could be Bigger

The Washington Post dissects the teen text phenomenon in the U.S. and offers some reasons for the rapid growth (CTIA stats report 158 billion text messages were sent nationwide last year ? nearly double the number in 2005). Market research confirms users between the ages of 13 and 24 are the heaviest users. The article also provides some worthwhile real-life examples, including a high school junior who tops more than 6,000 text messages a month. The attraction of text messaging may be linked to something as fundamental as growing pains. ?It provides a new tool for creating what teenagers always have wanted and needed?distance from parents,? the article concludes. More importantly, text is also a form of communication parents can?t see or monitor. The article also quotes Teenage Research Limited, which found texting is the second most popular use for mobile phones, right after using them to check the time.

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