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Streaming Music From PC To Phone

Oxy Systems has launched a social networking and mobile service called phling! which lets users listen to songs and podcasts stored on their PC, and also lets other listen to them as well. It aims to sell the app through carriers, and earlier this month signed up Swisscom Mobile in Switzerland.

?To use phling!, users go to the Oxy Systems web site, sign up, and download a piece of software to their home PCs. Oxy then sends a link to the user?s cell phone that downloads the Java application onto the phone itself...Users can browse by artist and see the list of albums stored on their PCs. They can then choose a particular track they want to listen to from the album.? Of course, it will be a while before there are a significant number of people on better-than-3G networks with unlimited data plans, which will be necessary for a good streaming experience. There?s no mention of the cost over and above that of the data charges, but there is a note that ?ideally users will be able to test the service for ?1 ($1.31) per day to make it easy to convince them to try it. Oxy Systems would share in the revenue from the carriers?.

In addition to access personal music, the requisite social aspect is there, with users being able to ?find out their friends? favorite songs and artists, browse the list of friends of other users, and check out their profiles. They can also see what albums are listed on other people?s profiles, the last songs they played, and how they rated the music...In addition, users can set up a shared listening group that will let up to six of their friends hear music stored on their computers via their phones. According to Mr. Krasner and Mr. Smith, this type of usage is legal because people have traditionally been allowed to play music for their friends.? (RedHerring)

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