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Sprint and QUALCOMM launch two-way mobile workflow management solution for the transportation industry

QUALCOMM Inc., a leading provider of business-to-business wireless enterprise applications and services, and Sprint have launched the QUALCOMM Mobility Services for Transportation platform on Sprint's GPS-capable mobile phones. QUALCOMM Mobility Services for Transportation provides enterprise application developers with powerful development and support tools that enable faster deployment and easier support of phone-based applications that integrate seamlessly with existing transportation management systems.

The QUALCOMM Mobility Services for Transportation platform introduces several innovations in the mobile handset applications arena: flexible mobile client development and support tools, intelligent two-way workflow management, and enhanced application and device provisioning. These innovations enable QUALCOMM and application developers to rapidly develop and deploy mobile phone-based GPS tracking and workflow management applications that meet the stringent service reliability requirements of industry-leading transportation carriers.

"We are pleased to join forces with QUALCOMM, blending some of the best technology in wireless enterprise applications with Sprint for this new two-way, mobile phone-based workflow solution for the transportation industry," said Butch Musselman, Vice President, Industry Business Solutions, Sprint. "Together, we aim to deliver a powerful new solution that adds to our portfolio of workflow management and tracking services for our customers."

QUALCOMM Mobility Services for Transportation was designed with the needs of transportation carriers and software providers in mind. The solution is built upon QUALCOMM's mobile application development and integration expertise to support the delivery of mobile workflow applications. Additionally, the system is backed by the world-class network management capabilities of QUALCOMM and the all-digital, nationwide wireless network of Sprint. Solutions developed and offered by QUALCOMM and its alliance collaborators?the industry's leading third-party developers?and supported by QUALCOMM Mobility Services for Transportation will provide customers with a convenient and cost-effective option for managing contractors, owner-operators and other non-equipped portions of their fleets within existing transportation management systems.

"We are very excited to join with Sprint to launch QUALCOMM Mobility Services for Transportation," said Norm Ellis, Vice President and General Manager, Transportation and Logistics, QUALCOMM Wireless Business Solutions. "The managed wireless services and seamless integration to leading transportation management systems offered by this system will allow us to provide previously underserved segments of the market with the reliability and ease of use that our transportation customers expect."

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