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Spiel Studios & BPL Mobile release MobileTracker

Spiel Studios, India's premiere mobile game and content development company along with BPL Mobile and Sitare Mobile has today released a mobile application called MobileTracker which will help in tracking and recovering your lost mobile phone.

MobileTracker once installed on the user's phone, will act as a watchdog and work in the background and detect and change in SIM. The user can set upto 2 recipient numbers where he/she wished to be informed incase the phone gets stolen.

Once the application detects any change in SIM, it will get activated and start sending short messages discreetly to the two recipient numbers. The application will send a SMS every thirty minutes upto 1.5 hours. The message will contain phone number of the thief and the IMEI number of the original phone, with which the user can make a police complaint or know the whereabouts of the thief.

The thief will be unaware of any messages sent, as there will be no delivery report or in sent messages. The thief will also not be able to delete the application as it is password protected. The application will NOT block the phone, as the thief may discard it, and the user will never be able to recover it.

Currently, the application is available on across all S60 smartphones and will soon be available on other makes including Blackberry. Mobile Tracker is Symbian Signed & Approved.

Salient Features:

SMS Notification

An SMS notification will be sent to the recipient numbers automatically mentioning the IMEI number and the thief's number. The thief will not be notified of any such messages.


Once the application is installed, registered and activated, the application will automatically start on every time you switch on your mobile phone. However, after verification of SIM card, the application will close, not hampering the performance of your phone.

Uninstall Protection

A specific procedure is required to uninstall the program, without which the un-installation process cannot take place. A password is required to uninstall the program, protecting the system from unauthorized un-installation.

The application is currently available on BPL Mobile at Rs. 149/- as a one-time download and also on a monthly subscription model.

The Application has been developed in-house at Spiel Studios and distributed by Sitare Mobile to BPL Mobile.

About Spiel Studios

Spiel is a global mobile game and content development studio located in Mumbai, India. Our goal is to create some of the most compelling and innovative entertainment content available on mobile phones. We have one of the most experienced and talented teams in the mobile industry creating trend-setting products and establishing new distribution channels.

Spiel's state-of-the-art production studio at Mumbai employs a multi-disciplinary, cross-skilled team comprising of game designers, concept artists, 2D and 3D graphic artists, modelers, programmers, project managers, game testers, and creative writers.

Spiel Studios founded & headed by 22 year old Mohit Sureka, is currently involved in developing cutting-edge 3D Mobile games, multiplayer Wireless games and Bluetooth-based games for next-generation handsets

For more information, Please visit Spiel at www.spiel-s.com

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