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Sony Ericsson reveals two new Walkman? phones: W850 and W710

The new Sony Ericsson W850 and W710 expand the Walkman? range of mobile mobile phones in new directions, have 2 Megapixel cameras and support Sony Ericsson's Java Platform 7 (JP-7), extending JP-6 with the addition of Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR 234) for enhanced camera and image handling.

The W850 is a UMTS and tri-band GPRS phone with the latest Walkman player 2.0 and is the first slider Walkman mobile phone. The W710 is a quad-band EDGE/GPRS clamshell with applications and accessories targeting an active and sporty lifestyle.

Both phones have a range of mobile entertainment and business features including 2 Megapixel camera, full HTML browser, RSS feeds, Memory Stick Micro? removable storage (up to 4G available), video streaming and Mobile Java? 3D gaming supported by both JSR 184 and Mascot Capsule v3, with the W850 adding A/B hardware buttons for landscape mode gaming capabilities.

Walkman player 2.0, TrackID and music recognition The W850 includes the latest Walkman player 2.0 which simplifies music track, playlist and genre navigation with a more intuitive UI. New graphics capabilities make the experience more visual and provide metadata and album art. The new TrackID? music recognition functionality is powered by Gracenote Mobile MusicID. TrackID records a few seconds of a track from the radio or microphone, sends the track to the comprehensive Gracenote? music database for identification and returns the information to the phone. Once the track is identified, the Walkman player 2.0 also includes an integrated download service so there is no need to exit the music player to access the web browser to visit on-line music stores. The W850 is also configured for operator over-the-air (OTA) download services.

The W710 also includes TrackID music recognition but is accessed through the integrated FM radio and microphone. Both new Walkman phones are supplied with Disc2Phone? software for easy transfer of legacy CDs.

Fitness applications and accessories The W710 is designed to support an active and sporty lifestyle. It includes a motion sensor and fitness applications measure jogging speed and distance with the pedometer counting daily steps. The jogging application can be accessed from the external clamshell sub-display, as can both the Walkman player and FM radio in addition to being controlled by quick-access external keys.

To make using the W710 Walkman phone on the move even easier, it is supplied with the Active Clip IAC-60 allowing the phone to be clipped to your bag, waist or arm. The earphones supplied with the W710 have ear hooks giving a stable fit, eliminating the frustration of earphones falling out when exercising.

Java Platform 7 (JP-7) strengthens camera and image handling

Java Platform (JP-7) extends JP-6 with the addition of Advanced Multimedia Supplements (JSR 234) which supports the creation of advanced imaging applications for the new W850 and W710, as well as the previously announced K610, K790 and K800 phones. The Advanced Multimedia Supplements API builds on the framework already established in the Mobile Media API (JSR 135) with new controls and extensions to strengthen camera and image handling. Camera capabilities introduced with JP-7 include the ability to:

Rotate camera images in an application

Control camera exposure

Manipulate the flash

Control camera focus, including autofocus override

"Burst shooting" support

Control camera zoom functions

More information and the full JSR list for JP-7 can be found

JP-7 phones also have the ability to support MIDlets in standby mode, increasing the possibilities for imaginative wallpapers and screensavers. Read more about how to create standby MIDlets

W850 and W710 versions

Both the W850 and W710 will be available during Q3 2006 in the following versions:

W850i for Europe, Middle East and Africa

W710i for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas

W710c for mainland China

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