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Software Effective Solutions Concludes Sales to Leading Handheld Application Company

MAKATI and MANILA, Phillipines, Dec. 19, 2006 -- Software Effective Solutions Inc. (SES), a provider of enterprise software aimed at small and medium sized enterprises and telecom operators, today announced that it has signed an agreement with CPcom Inc.

CPcom is a leading handheld application development company based in Manila, Philippines. The company is a leading distributor of Blackberry handheld devices in the Philippines, and also develops special applications for handheld mobile devices. CPcom is also involved in the design and sales of special GPRS and 3G wireless cards to major Philippine telecom operators, providing sales, development and support.

"SES identified the handheld application sector as a very suitable market for its products," notes Clarisa Rojo, CEO of SES. "This industry supplies huge quantities of equipment in almost every installation. In addition, the mobile handheld industry is a booming market. The combination of these two factors poses serious CRM management challenges that Effective solves perfectly for service and sales functions."

Rojo continues, "The demands on this industry are higher than in most others, because of the extent of equipment installed, especially in corporate accounts. As a result, these companies have an immediate need to manage the service they deliver, control CPcom's limited resources, and optimize the daily operations such as service calls, sales processing and general bookkeeping."

Effective is an off-the-shelf CRM solution that is geared toward small to mid-sized customers in service-intensive industries. It offers the power and many of the features found in custom-made CRM and ERP enterprises, at a fraction of the cost and with a minimal deployment time. Effective offers many CRM functions serving the needs of the organizations for better internal efficiency, cost control and customer service quality.

About SES

SES Inc. is a Philippine-based software company providing enterprise software that enables small and medium-sized enterprises and telecom operators to optimize functions such as workforce management, call centers, and resource management. Effective, the company's user-friendly, rapidly deployable software package includes many Customer Resource Management (CRM) functions with a focus on customer needs for greater internal efficiency, cost control and maintaining service quality.

CONTACT: Software Effective Solutions Inc.
Marco Massimo

Source:Software Effective Solutions Inc. (SES)

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