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Smaato Inc. introduces new Mobile Advertising Platform SOMA?

San Mateo/Hamburg, November 14, 2006 - Smaato Inc., the ad-enabler for mobile phones, announces the launch of the public beta of its new mobile advertising platform SOMA?. The first partners for the new mobile advertising platform SOMA? (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising) in Europe are renowned brands including Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft and Allianz. Together with advertising and e-business agencies Smaato Inc. is deploying the possibilities of highly targeted mobile advertising, opening up new, creative ways of communication for brands and marketers.

?Smaato is the matchmaker for brands and the mobile consumer, offering the possibility to be a driving force in the process of exploring new opportunities of ad-enabled mobile content distribution?, says Ragnar Kruse, CEO Smaato Inc.

In the public beta pilot in Europe SOMA? delivers mobile ads of Mercedes-Benz and Allianz, Microsoft, V?lkl Sport and additional media & entertainment brands. Silicon-Valley-based Smaato Inc. is in talks with agencies, brands, operators and media partners in the US and Europe. SOMA?s patent-pending mobile advertising is delivered with mobile software Smaato Cost and Smaato News, the clever solutions for smartphone users. The Smaato solutions are made available now also to US-based and international users (free download at http://www.smaato.com/now).

?With this new, innovative mobile advertising platform we are pioneering the distribution of display and response advertising on mobile phones?, adds Ragnar Kruse. ?The development of mobile advertising formats is gaining momentum. Soon we?ll be witnessing a similar phenomenon as with Internet advertising in its early stages?.

Programmers and developing partners of Smaato will be able to market their mobile solutions by deploying the SOMA? platform. Smaato provides the key technologies of its SOMA? platform as an open interface for developers and content providers. Interested developer partners can contact Smaato on their web site www.smaato.com ? first third party applications will be announced at a later stage.

With its ad-enabled mobile applications Smaato provides Smartphone users free choices for their daily communication and information needs. Smaato News 1.0 is an easy to use mobile newsreader for Smartphones. Users can subscribe their favorite news feed directly onto their phones in the standard RSS-format and read them "off- line". Smaato Cost 2.0 is the new version of the convenient tool for cost control, providing new features such as the real time display of the accumulated costs of calls, data and SMS-messages (including roaming abroad). It comes with some select downloadable rate plans from major US carriers, like Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile and Cingular.

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