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ShoZu Wins Meffy Award for Best Mobile Handset Application

ShoZu's Mobile Media Service Tops Sprint & Other Finalists

SAN FRANCISCO -- ShoZu announced today that it has received the Mobile Entertainment Forum's 2007 Meffy Award for the best mobile handset application for its Mobile Media Service, a set of complementary offerings enabling one-click or no-click multimedia uploads and downloads as well as non-intrusive ad delivery on mobile phones. ShoZu's technology was recognized for its ability to fuel the use of mobile entertainment services ranging from text-based content to music, videos and games.

The ShoZu application was selected over four other semi-finalists, including Sprint's NFL Mobile for watching NFL games on the handset; Didiom's mobile music sampling and downloading program; NewBay Software's PIXOTA for mobile image uploading; and Roundbox's TV Guide Mobile Electronic Service Guide (ESG) for navigating mobile video content.

Entries were judged on innovation, ease of use, quality of service, quantifiable business benefits, and proven success in the market. The judging panel included leading business and trade journalists and industry analysts.

The award marked the third major honor for ShoZu in four months. In February, 3GSM named the ShoZu service as its 2007 "Most Innovative Mobile Application." In March, global research firm IDC recognized ShoZu as one of its "10 Emerging Wireless Entertainment Players to Watch in 2007."

"The beauty of this Meffy award is that it includes real-world business value in its evaluation, and our value to the mobile entertainment community is very broad," said Mark Bole, CEO of ShoZu. "With our client on the phone, performers can transfer their mobile videos and photos to promotional websites, entertainment companies can deliver mobile content directly to target audiences, and consumers can buy albums or concert tickets over the air without a long series of clicks. The Meffy judges recognized that these are powerful tools for driving sales and building customer loyalty."

"Congratulations to ShoZu for being the first winner of the newly introduced Handset Application Award," said Rimma Perelmuter, Executive Director of the Mobile Entertainment Forum. "This category emphasizes the importance of making it easy for consumers to use their handsets as all-round entertainment devices, and ShoZu scored highly with all the judges for its user-friendly and innovative features."

ShoZu's solution suite includes Share-It, a one-click service for uploading photos and video clips to a wide range of online communities; ZuCasts, an automated media delivery service enabling brands, media companies and content providers to reach consumers through the mobile channel by free or paid subscription with no user intervention; and mobile advertising that can be embedded in ZuCast-based videos, photos, music, wallpaper, ringtones, news feeds and other content by user request to provide discreet and precisely targeted ad delivery with no random push advertising.

All three services provide easier access to mobile content than ever before, take place invisibly in the background with no disruption to users' phone activities, and utilize a single client installed on the mobile phone.

ShoZu users span 79 countries, the application is available on 183 handset models, and ShoZu has forged relationships with companies from Warner Bros Records and Allure Magazine to Motorola, Azteca Interactive in Mexico and mobile operator 3Austria.

About ShoZu

ShoZu is a mobile media service that enables consumer and media companies to interact with customers on their mobile phones through fast, easy exchange of multimedia content and web-based services. The company's patented technology allows consumers to download and upload photos, videos, music, text and other digital content to and from the handset without the need to open a mobile browser, wait for pages to load, interrupt phone calls, start over in the event of a dropped connection, or sync to a PC. Services include innovative ZuCasts that deliver content to the handset automatically, one-click uploading of camera phone images and video clips to community websites and other destinations, and a mobile advertising platform that provides non-intrusive and highly targeted ad delivery. For more information, visit www.ShoZu.com/AboutUs.

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