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Server Management Firm, Releases Mobile, PDA Mini-Helpdesk Application

Edgewater, New Jersey - (Website Hosting Directory) - February 16, 2007 - Server management company, Platinum Server Management, has launched its Mini-Helpdesk application, in order to allow more effective communication with customers accessing the web, through a mobile device or PDA.

Platinum Server Management, a United States-based firm providing mission-critical and routine server management services' helpdesk, is a scaled down version of the company?s traditional product, more graphically intensive, relying on Javascript. The Mini-Helpdesk, however, still provides important functionality to mobile users, such as the ability to open, access and close support tickets, as well as to reply to active tickets.

John Davis, Quality Assurance Manager at Platinum Server Management offered, ?Our Mini-Helpdesk is designed to be as lite as possible, which is essential when accessing web pages through small mobile devices. This application is not designed to replace our existing, more robust helpdesk?it is solely an addition that offers an added level of convenience to our mobile users.?

Platinum Server Management received a number of requests for the application from customers wanting to stay in touch via their mobile devices. The software was then developed internally by the company?s development team. Customers seeking to access the Mini-Helpdesk should contact the company, who will then provide detailed access instructions.

Founded in 2000, Platinum Server Management provides mission-critical and routine management services for over 1,800 servers internationally. The company supports a variety of different platforms, including RedHat OS, CentOS and Fedora OS, with cPanel/WHM Web Hosting control panel system.

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