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Round-Up: Indians Want Larger Rev; Indonesia Content; Japan, China Growth

Indian vendors of mobile content are displeased with their take of the revenues, which comes in at an average of 40 percent but could be as low as 15-30 percent, although it is slowly getting better. The general impression of this Business Standard article is that although the revenue shares in India are small compared to Western countries, it?s still a promising business to be in because of the promising potential for growth?and the revenue shares may work themselves out over time. ?We have to allow now the market to decide for us the revenue shares. The usage of VAS is still evolving in India. But nothing should stop us from being three times the size in the coming years,? feels Manoj Dawane, CEO, Mauj.?

The Indonesian mobile content market is doing well, as ?the rapid rise in the number of mobile content users had encouraged the establishment of some 200 content providers as of the first quarter, a 7 percent rise from the same quarter of 2006? according to the Jakarta Post. The article quotes Hugo Diba of Iguana as saying that the Indonesian mobile content market is dominated by local players, and music accounts for 75 percent of the total content bought by consumers. However the non-music 3G mobile content market is dominated by foreign players.

The number of mobile subscribers in Japan is expected to grow from 96.7 million at the beginning of this year to 107.3 million by the end of 2010, estimates ROA Group in this Cellular News article.

The number of mobile handsets shipped in China will grow nearly 22 percent this year to hit 558 million units in 2007, predicts Chinese research and analysis firm Market Intelligence Center (MIC). Of this, international phone manufacturers will account for 340 million units reports Wireless Week. ?In 2006 the total handset shipments increased nearly 54 percent to 457.6 million units, up from 298.0 million units in 2005.?

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