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Region Deploys FireRMS Mobile to Enhance EMS Field Operations

BIO-key International, Inc, a leader in wireless public safety solutions and finger based biometric identification, announced today that North Metro Fire Rescue District and Westminster Fire Department have selected BIO-key's FireRMS Mobile product. Both Colorado agencies will deploy BIO-key's FireRMS Mobile application in order to expand their records management capabilities to include advanced EMS field data collection and reporting. The FireRMS Mobile units will support the goal of eliminating redundancy in data entry inherent with paper systems. Additionally, these purchases will enable each agency to enhance their capabilities and expand their relationship with BIO-key.

North Metro Fire Rescue District and Westminster Fire Department both intend on incorporating BIO-key's FireRMS Mobile application in order to enhance their existing FireRMS solution with a completely mobile field data collection and reporting capability for advanced EMS data management. The remote reporting capability allows EMS providers to electronically collect patient care information at the scene, during transport or at the hospital. These "paperless" systems eliminate transcription errors, redundant data entry and provide rules-based data entry to enhance the quality of the data collected. The mobile EMS component allows service providers to capture patient information and signatures on a patient care or refusal form and print at the scene. Both localities plan to use FireRMS Mobile for field inspections.

David Ramos, Battalion Chief of North Metro Fire Rescue District, said, "In the past there was a lot of duplication of effort associated with Patient Care Reporting." Westminster's Technical Services Coordinator, Rich Welz, agreed and stated, "The service provider would have to complete a paper copy at the hospital and then go back to the station and retype everything into the RMS system. Now, EMS providers can capture all of the data in the field, print out a copy at the scene and be done with it. This saves time and keeps our units in the field where they are serving the public, not back at the station filling out paperwork."

Anthony Barone, Vice President and General Manager of BIO-key's Fire and EMS Division, said, "The advanced EMS component of FireRMS Mobile enforces systematic record keeping, capturing signatures, using date and time stamps, and providing flexibility to incorporate templates and standards, which promotes compliance with many standards and guidelines."

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