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Qualcomm Debuts New OmniVision Mobile Computing Platform

Qualcomm has introduced its new OmniVision mobile computing platform designed to help transportation companies better manage fleet logistics and enhance driver safety and productivity.

It is built from the ground up and is backward-compatible with the OmniTRACS and OmniExpress mobile communications systems, which enables customers to transition to the latest technology in a way that?s right for them. Like the OmniTRACS system, the OmniVision system will provide wireless service over a satellite network, providing complete coverage in the U.S. and Canada.

The OmniVision system meets the needs of fleets of all sizes. It is highly scalable and can integrate seamlessly with OmniTRACS and OmniExpress systems within a single fleet and is compatible with many new and existing OmniTRACS services and features including electronic form messaging, hours of service, Automated Arrival & Departure, Trailer Tracking, Driver Login and Panic Button Messaging.

The system also features an advanced text-to-speech feature to aid in safely updating drivers, increasing productivity and improving the driver experience.

A navigation service (available after the initial launch of the platform) will offer turn-by-turn directions that can be read through the text-to-speech feature for improved safety and an enhanced user experience while driving.

With the OmniVision system, many subscription-based application services, as well as upgrades, can be downloaded over-the-air to a single truck, group of trucks, or an entire fleet and improves driver productivity by leaving trucks on the road for service installations on the mobile terminal.

In addition, the OmniVision system helps companies better manage fleet logistics with enhanced management tools that allow back office users to create and modify operational profiles, view recommended hardware for a profile, request an evaluation of a service, view invoices and more. The system features a more powerful computer processor and an integrated touch screen, color display and keyboard that are tethered to the server for the driver interface, and a remote control unit will also be supplied to allow drivers quick access to features such as text-to-speech, engine-read messages and navigation directions.

Potential future applications, features, and services highlight the flexible, powerful nature of the system to increase driver productivity and quality of life and include on-board access to electronic documents, driver email, remote diagnostics and even entertainment or games for drivers.

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