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Push Email for Mobile Phones: Consilient Free Application

Consilient today announced a free* version of their mobile email application, Consilient Push? at www.consilient.com. The service features multi-account access, giving users a single application for retrieving up to five different mail accounts on mobile phones. The Push service also includes photo attaching and saving with color-coding for easy identification of multiple accounts.

This marks the first time Consilient has made a free version of their technology available. The Push application runs on any GPRS network and delivers reliable, push email in real-time. The application supports some CDMA networks including Sprint, Verizon and Dobson in the U.S. and Aliant and Telus in Canada.

Consilient Push delivers mobile email for popular consumer accounts including Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail and AOL email. The application also supports any POP3 or IMAP4 account, providing a single mobile application for corporate and personal mobile email. Users can download the application on their current mobile phones and seamlessly alternate between personal and corporate email.

Consilient's underlying technology is push-based and is designed to be easy to use on low and high end mobile phones. No email or passwords are stored with Consilient - the technology acts as an instant relay pushing emails out in real-time. The application can be quickly downloaded onto most popular mobile phones and Windows Mobile? devices in seconds.

"We've taken the cost and complexity out of mobile email," said Trevor Adey, Consilient CEO. "Consilient Push is a simple application that uses true push technology and supports the most popular email accounts. With five accounts built into a single application, people can read their Hotmail and corporate email using one piece of software on their current phone," Adey added.

Consilient Push Features:

Push-based technology: no polling or configuring required 5 Email account access: personal and corporate in a single application Yahoo!, Hotmail, AOL Email & Gmail - Plus POP3 and IMAP4 access Photo attaching, saving, sending, receiving Phone "lock and wipe clean" if lost or stolen Personal signatures Color coding: easy to move in and out of accounts Attachment support: MS Word, PDF, Excel Easy to set up: download sent via SMS Secure - 128 bit encryption * requires data plan

How to get Push:

? Sign up at www.consilient.com
? SMS is sent to mobile phone
? Click on link in SMS - accept "yes" to allow application to run on network
A Premium version of Consilient Push is available for $5/month with enhanced features. The Premium version has an upgrade path to a full multi media suite of content sharing and mobile social networking.

Consilient Push uses open standards (LEMONADE/P-IMAP) and is available in a scalable version for mobile operators and ISPs. For more information, go to www.consilient.com/push.

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