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Probability plc Launches Affiliate Programme for Mobile Phone Gambling Service

Mobile phone gambling specialist Probability Plc today announced the launch of its Affiliate Programme with a promise to end the sharp practices of on-line Casino affiliate programmes and restore trust to the market.

From today, Web and Wap site owners can start earning additional revenues by referring their users to ?Lady Luck?s?, Probability?s award winning mobile service offering slots, Bingo!, Roulette and other cash games for over 18?s, compatible with most phones on all networks.

Mobile gambling is booming, with UK consumers ahead of the trend. As the leading operator of mobile gambling services, Probability and its affiliates are ideally positioned to profit from this growth market. The company has already attracted over 170,000 UK mobile players from other marketing activities. These players are currently winning over ?1m a month playing with stakes as low as 10p a time. A recent winner took home ?25,000 from a spin of the ?Union Jackpot? slot machine.

Juniper Research puts the value of the global mobile gambling market at $16.5 billion by 2011 in terms of gross value of bets placed.

?Payment Promise? to counter sharp practices by on-line operators

Probability?s ?Payment Promise? to its Lady Luck?s Affiliate partners is designed to bring much needed transparency, predictability and speed to affiliate marketing for gambling services.

Earnings from traditional on-line casino affiliate programmes are notoriously difficult to predict and slow to pay out. Affiliates often have no way of knowing how much they will be paid, or when, because of the complex accounting employed by many casino operators and the forest of caveats, exemptions and qualifications for commission placed on their programmes.

Despite eye popping headline payments, many website owners have been less than impressed by the actual money and service received. Common tricks include so-called bounties which are deducted from future commissions, and casinos which tempt the best customers away to other brands they own in order to avoid paying out to affiliates.

Many of these unscrupulous operators are based in territories such as North American Indian Reservations or the Caribbean where affiliates can have no recourse to law or regulators if the relationship goes sour.

By contrast, Probability is UK based and regulated by the tough Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The company is fully listed on the London Stock Exchange and registered with the Financial Services Authority.

Consequently, the Lady Luck?s affiliate programme is designed to build trust through transparency.

Simple, transparent, fast payments

Lady Luck?s affiliates enjoy transparent commissions with real time online reporting.

The commission packages have been constructed to ensure that, unlike other affiliate programmes in the gambling sector, no crafty accounting or hidden exemptions can be used to delay or reduce payments to affiliates.

Membership is free and there are no hidden costs for reporting, collaterals or itemised billing. Individuals and companies with web and WAP sites are able to sign up on-line and start generating additional revenue from their customers through referrals to Lady Luck?s straight away. Integration typically takes just a few minutes.

Affiliates can choose from one of two simple payment structures:

Package A pays ?2 for any player who simply registers with Lady Luck?s and plays any game ? with bonus money provided by Lady Luck?s. Package B pays ?12.50 for any player who simply deposits ?10 or more into a Lady Luck?s account.

Both Packages allow Affiliates to refer customers to Lady Lucks through Web and Wap advertising, and pays the same commission rates regardless of channel.

Probability provides all the collaterals required, including banners and text links, free of charge. All affiliates are provided with a secure log-in for their account and can get real time updates on their commissions, which are paid directly on an automatic monthly cycle.

Opportunity to tap in to a booming market early on

Probability hopes that the service will attract any web and wap site owner looking to earn additional revenues by tapping in to the fast growing sector of mobile gambling, but without getting involved in the highly regulated business of gambling itself.

Bruce Gibson, Research Director at Juniper Research said ?gambling is a principal form of entertainment for many people. The mobile phone offers a convenient way of accessing gambling services of all types from casino games to lotteries and sports betting. We believe that mobile gambling will gain a substantial portion of the mobile entertainment pie over the next five years, where regulation allows.?

Chris Simpson, Commercial Director at Probability PLC said: ?As with the Web, the mobile gambling industry is driving the uptake of cooperative marketing initiatives such as affiliate programmes.

We are the first to be offering this kind of service simultaneously in a Web and WAP environment and as such, offering potential partners clear financial benefits and a simple route to the lucrative mobile gaming market.

?More than this, in an industry where reputation is everything, our affiliates can rest assured that Probability Games maintains the highest standards, we are licensed on the Channel Island of Alderney, the most stringent gambling authority in the world, as well as being overseen by the Financial Services Authority and subject to the strict legal parameters set out by the London Stock Exchange.?

How to join the affiliate programme

Any web and wap site owner can join the Lady Luck?s affiliate programme by completing a simple on-line form at http://affiliate.ladylucks.tv or by calling Probability on 0207 290 0640.

Approval is usually granted within two working days and Affiliates can access all the materials and support they need on-line.

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