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Post Video Blogs from a Mobile - Mobispine Launches Unique Worldwide Video Blogging

Now anyone can post their own videos directly from their mobile phone by using the Mobispine application. Mobispine makes it possible to send videos directly from your mobile phone to your online blog. This means that spontaneous, personal videos can be online within seconds of being recorded.

Sweden (PRWEB) November 23, 2006 -- Now users can simply use the mobile network to publish videos made with their mobile phones. It takes only seconds, and users can be anywhere.

Visit to see the videos posted by some of mobispine's users, including well known artists such as Patrik Isaksson and Markindapark. Isaksson has posted videos directly from his concerts, which puts him in control of his own publicity. Mobile blogging is something that allows individuals to circumvent the press by publishing personal, uncensored videos online instantly.

"This is a fantastic development," says Patrik Isaksson. "It's important for me to be able to be spontaneous, and be able to film whenever I want wherever I am. Mobispine makes it easy."

At a time when personal videos can now easily be distributed online, Mobispine is making it even simpler by eliminating the need for a video recorder and a computer. Anyone can be ready to video blog with just a mobile phone.

Some examples of mobile video blogs:

About Mobispine

Mobispine uses Internet-technology to provide new innovative mobile services to people all around the globe based on the Mobispine platform. The company invites people and content owners to use the carrier-independent mobile platform for interactive mobile services. Mobispine's technology is free to use for individual users. Mobispine has its head office in Stockholm, Sweden.

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