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Pokermillion Texas Hold 'em said to be a massive hit with players

The popular game Pokermillion Texas Hold 'Em will shortly be available to UK mobile gamblers following its launch by developer Cecure Gaming this week. The game is the first in a series that will let UK players play real-money poker against other mobile users.

UK boxing promoter Barry Hearn, who owns the Pokermillion brand, said: ?Real-money Pokermillion Texas Hold?em has been a massive hit and can only get bigger.?

Cecure Gaming developed branded games on behalf of Player One, which has partnerships with organisations and personalities such as the International Cricket Council, Pat Cash, Honda/Jenson Button and the Davis Cup. Player One recently launched branded mobile games such as ?Manchester United?s 6-a-side Soccer?, ?Jenson Button Grand Prix Racer? and ?Ronnie O?Sullivan Snooker?.

Pete Russell, managing director of Player One, said: ?With the growth of 3G services and more sophisticated handsets, we anticipate the mobile channel will push real-money gaming services to a broader and lower stake market that the internet, offering opportunities for market growth for operators where legislation permits.?

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