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PlayWizard Launches Mobile Casino Technology

PlayWizard Co. Ltd., a leading developer of solo and multiplayer mobile gaming systems, today launched its 3rd generation CasinoPhone2004 mobile casino technology for including Nokia?, Motorola?, Sony Ericsson?, and Samsung? mobile phones in addition to Microsoft? Pocket PC? PDAs, Windows? XP? , and Windows Mobile? Smartphones.

Said Nader Rahimizad, Chief Technical Officer, "mobile casino gaming is finally a commercial reality in the United Kingdom with sustainable 100,000 transactions on mobiles!"

PlayWizard's game portfolio is the most mature suite of online GPRS casino games available for mobile devices today! PlayWizard takes the casino fun and contemporary arcade gaming experience to a whole new level of excitement and sophistication with superb graphics and multimedia action.

Since the initial launch of PlayWizard GPRS centric games in mid 2003, PlayWizard has commercialized its secure mobile gaming technology in the United Kingdom in partnership with YooMedia PLC. on their Sky Interactive Channel 841 TV casino service. PlayWizard's commercial customer experience since early 2005 has shown that adults love the mobile casino experience. On average they enjoy playing 4 hours on their mobiles hours every day!

Each of PlayWizard's 16 Casino games are designed and developed on 22 different screen sizes in both C++ and Java platforms and its unique dynamic web and wap content delivery system supports over 95% of Contract and Pay-As-U-Go mobile devices in the United Kingdom.

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