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Phone mast safety fears for kids

A CHILDREN'S nursery has voiced its concern at an application for a mobile phone mast next to a play area.

The mobile phone giant, T-mobile proposes to build a 'Flag Pole' style phone mast on the roof of the BT Exchange in Bachelor's Acre, Windsor.

The BT building is located in a residential area, near Windsor library, and opposite a play area.

The application was made on November 1 and public comments on the issue must be recieved by the council by November 27.

There are already three existing mobile-phone masts in Peascod Street, Windsor, which is behind Bachelor's Acre.

If built, the phone mast would over-look the play area in Bachelor's acre, which is used regularly by young children.

Linsey Lunny, owner and director of Little Monkey's Nursery on Victoria Street, opposite the play area, said: "All the children here are under five years old and I do not want anything in the area that might jeopardise their health. I know parents feel the same. I support any opposition to the mast."

Suzanne Tunn, 44, has raised a petition against the mast.

The petition states: "A mobile phone mast could cause a serious possible health risk in a residential, work and recreational area; there is no justication for the area to have a mast, as the area already has extensive coverage; the mast will instill fear in those coming to the area."

Mrs Tunn, who is a medical writer, said: "I started the petition on Saturday (November 18) and so far I've had nearly one hundred signatures.

"The health risks concerning these masts are not known and there should be a precautionary approach taken.

"I don't see why mast-sharing hasn't been looked into in more depth."

Stephen Arnold, a spokesman for National Grid Wireless, working on behalf of BT's rooftops, said: "There were about 11 or 12 sites considered for mast-sharing but the majority of them would not have provided adequate coverage. Others were refused by the landlords of the sites."

Council members are also standing against T-mobile's application.

Councillor Eglise (Castle Without; Lib Dem) said: "I completely support the petition and everything it says. There are too many of these things cropping up all over the place, especially in inhabitated areas."

The anti-mast petition will be handed over to the council's planning panel on December 6.

The target date for a decision on the issue is December 27.

The application number is 06/02506. It can be viewed at www.rbwm.gov.uk/pam

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