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PeerMe Launches Mobile Instant Messaging

Silicon Valley Wireless VoIP Allows Users to IM from Any Web-Connected Mobile Phone

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.-- Mobile Voice communications technology company PeerMe (www.peerme.com) today introduced its mobile browser based instant messaging (IM) application. PeerMe users can now IM from any mobile phone with an internet connection. PeerMe has also integrated its application with popular IM services such as Yahoo and MSN, which allows users to point their mobile browsers to www.peerme.com/mobile to send and receive instant messages with all of their Yahoo! and MSN buddies, as well as their PeerMe friends.

"With the advent of the iPhone, mobile users are now demanding access to a full range of applications and content from their cell phones," says PeerMe CEO Tom Lasater. "If a carrier offers an unlimited data plan for a flat fee, their consumers want access to ANY online content, not just a handful of sites that are approved by their phone company. AT&T and Sprint should be saluted for having open platforms whose phones and service plans allow basically unrestricted access. Unfortunately, Verizon, MetroPCS and some other carriers are making a mockery of the term 'unlimited data plan' by severely restricting what kinds of content their users can access."

"IM will be the first application which tears down the walled gardens of the mobile Internet. Our new product is part of a suite of applications that is transforming PeerMe into a leading mobile distribution platform for mobile connected applications. Instant Messaging is one of the most popular tools that Internet users use, and by making it available on virtually every mobile phone in the world we are rapidly making PeerMe an indispensable asset for users, carriers and content providers."

PeerMe products were not developed with, nor are they endorsed by, Yahoo! or MSN. PeerMe has no commercial relationship with Apple, AT&T, Sprint or Verizon.

About PeerMe

PeerMe, Inc. (www.PeerMe.com) is a Silicon Valley-based communications technology company that offers a peer-to-peer voice and instant-messaging platform that supports Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), PC-to-PC and PC-to handheld voice communications, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer file transfer over public Internet connections. The privately held company was founded in 2004, is based in Mountain View, California, and has offices in Japan, South Korea, China, India, Bulgaria and Texas.

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