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Parlay Is Helping For Mobile Game Developer

Ericsson offers all the support you need to launch Parlay/OSA applications. Start with our Parlay/OSA introduction and training, and then use our free software development kit (SDK) to develop and test your application using our simulator. We even offer live network testing and technical consultation.

Get an overview of the benefits and business opportunities of building wireless applications using Parlay/OSA with Ericsson's online video series.

1. The market

Overview of the Parlay market.

2. Deployments and examples of Parlay applications

3. Developing Parlay applications

The tools you can use to build Parlay applications, and where to find information.

Ericsson's Network Resource Gateway (NRG) SDK has the necessary tools and information to develop, test and demonstrate your Parlay/OSA applications. It contains documentation, JAVA software libraries, an NRG simulator, and automated test tools and example applications.

A helping hand

In addition to the SDK and testing, Ericsson offers training for Parlay/OSA application development. Colin Larkin, a Parlay/OSA trainer at Ericsson, says: "We make it as easy as possible to create your applications.

"We focus on NRG to give you the knowledge and hands-on experience for developing applications according to the latest standards. With the NRG course you can become productive over an extremely short time span."

During the course students implement simple applications that cover most situations they will encounter with their applications. All they have to do is integrate these small exercises to create the solution they are trying to build.

The NRG SDK and Parlay API sets, which abstract the underlying CORBA protocols, are used extensively in the course. Larkin says: "Rather than focus on pure Parlay messages towards the Parlay gateway, which takes longer and makes it far more complicated to build applications, the NRG SDK simplifies and speeds up development time. "

"For example, when connecting to the OSA framework on the NRG it typically requires about 10 separate messages between the NRG and your application to negotiate the connection. With the SDK, only one simple operation is required ? the SDK does the rest."

Put it to the test

Ericsson can remotely test your Parlay/OSA application in a real NRG environment. This comprehensive offering connects your application to such enablers as MMS-Cs, SMS-Cs, mobile positioning centers, WAP gateways and service switching points.

For further hands-on testing and verifying, Ericsson has a rent-a-lab program that includes technical consultation. This gives you round-the-clock remote access to the NRG lab in Stockholm, Sweden.

The lab is connected to our global network of Ericsson Mobility World centers, which are constantly looking for applications on behalf of our customers, mobile operators.

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