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Pacific DataVision's SkyMail(R) Allows Mobile Teams To Wirelessly Dictate, Document, and Share Information from the Field at the Speed of Voice

SkyMail Selected by CTIA-The Wireless Association(R) as a 2007 E-Tech Awards Finalist in the Enterprise Solutions Category

BLOOMFIELD, N.J. -- Pacific DataVision, the recognized leader in wireless dictation and documentation services, today announced the availability of SkyMail, an application that enables mobile workers to wirelessly dictate, document, and share time sensitive information with their dispatch or central office by simply using their voice. The solution increases the speed and accuracy of communications from the field, freeing up mobile workers to focus on their primary tasks. Whether those tasks are selling, driving, hauling waste or installing cable television service, SkyMail is changing the mobile communications landscape with this simple yet powerful business messaging, collaboration and documentation tool.

Here's How It Works

With SkyMail, subscribers wirelessly dictate document and share important messages and events to an individual or group by simply making a call from their cellular phone. No more writing field notes or reports. No need to be frustrated with typing on small keypads with your thumbs. The sender simply selects a pre-assigned recipient or subject line from their mobile phone's contact list to call and speaks a message that is recorded and delivered to the Inbox of an individual or group (as large as 50) as an audio email. No typing. No delays. Great detail shared immediately. The recipient receives an e-mail containing a link to the voice message and a text reply box, enabling him/her to reply with a text message delivered directly to the sender's phone. All messages are time and date stamped for documentation and stored on a secure password protected website for tracking and record-keeping purposes.

SkyMail's customized email subject lines like "Service Outage - Critical" or "Job Closed Out - Non Critical" can be utilized to communicate the significance of the message so that the recipient can listen to the most important messages first.

"SkyMail's primary advantage is its sheer simplicity and ease of use - it's just another phone call," said John Pescatore, CEO of Pacific DataVision. "One touch of the "Send" button activates the service making it literally the fastest way in the world to send a message or document an event. In addition, there is no capital investment or equipment required to deploy SkyMail, meaning that both small and large enterprises alike can quickly start to realize the benefits of faster, more reliable documented communications. Bottom line: SkyMail improves efficiency and effectiveness of communication, resulting in increased collaboration, productivity and profitability."

In fact, SkyMail's appeal is so compelling that it was recently selected as a CTIA E-Tech Awards finalist in the Enterprise Solutions category. As an awards finalist, SkyMail will have the opportunity to be recognized as the best solution for increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability in the enterprise arena. The awards ceremony will be held on March 28th during the CTIA Wireless 2007 tradeshow event.

Besides prioritizing and documenting communications from the field, customers can use SkyMail to report expenses, send reminders to themselves and quickly communicate status reports and directives. In addition, SkyMail messages can be transcribed, alleviating hand written paperwork and reducing the potential for error.

Businesses benefiting from SkyMail include healthcare, construction, waste management, telecommunications, cable, utilities, municipal governments and social services organizations as well as field sales and service forces and mobile professionals.

SkyMail works on virtually all mobile phones without any software to download or complicated menus to navigate through. To learn more about SkyMail, or to sign up for a free 30-day trial, visit www.SkyMail.net.

Sample SkyMail Now! Go ahead, click this 'Listen and Reply' LINK (http://www.SkyMail.net/innm/R.aspx?35528&08729CAF-10A9-4786-A437-3D3E C87F782A). Make sure your speakers are on!

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About Pacific DataVision, Inc.

Pacific DataVision (PDV) is the recognized leader in wireless dictation and documentation services that increase productivity of field-based workers, and improve the lifestyle of consumers by enabling clear, fast communication without the need for typing or writing. SkyMail, the Company's latest application, empowers users to wirelessly dictate, document and share information at the speed of voice from any mobile phone on virtually any U.S. cellular network. Select & Speak ...It's That Simple!? For more information visit: www.pacificdatavision.com.

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